Fundraising checklist - how you can help your fundraisers boost their fundraising 6722

Fundraising checklist - how you can help your fundraisers boost their fundraising

Are your fundraisers getting the most from their fundraising pages? Use this checklist to couch your fundraisers to take advantage of all the different features their everydayhero fundraising page has to offer.
Small actions make huge differences when it comes to your fundraisers’ success.  One of the great things about fundraising online is the ability to gain insight into the key actions that result in more funds raised. In difficult times like these, make sure to empower your fundraisers with sharing these key actions to raise even more for your mission.
  1. Fundraisers who upload a profile photo to their page raise up to 10 times more!
Your fundraisers friends, family and supporters want to see who they're supporting, encourage your fundraisers not to be shy and upload a profile picture to their fundraising page

  1. Fundraisers who spell out why they are fundraising for your mission raise up to 74% more than those who don't.
Encourage your fundraisers to tell their friends and family what motivated them to start fundraising and why they choose to support your organization.
TIP: Sometimes it helps giving them sample text to help them formulate how you are working towards your mission and how their donations can help you achieve your goals.
  1. People who share their page within an hour of creating it generally raise 52% more than everyone else.
Ask your fundraisers to shout out from the rooftops about their new fundraising page. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, WhatsApp…in today's world the sky is your limit.
Taking the current times into consideration, people aren't receiving their normal amount of post, you could even encourage your fundraisers to send out letters to their friends and families to ask them for their support.
If your fundraisers are savvy they could even create a QR code on a free QR code Generator platform and to include in their letters.
Tip 1: You could highlight their fundraising pages on your own social media platforms as soon as they are created to shine a light on the great work your fundraisers are doing to raise funds for your organization.
TIP 2: Our campaign building tool enables you to turn on a fundraising page creation notification email, which can be sent to an email address of your choosing. Use this functionality to stay up to date on fundraising pages created for your cause.

  1. People who donate to their own page on average receive 120% more donations than those who don't.
Data shows that fundraisers who donate to their own page right after they've created it have far more success with raising funds for your organization than those that don't. It is a great way to show their commitment and to set a gift expectation average.

  1. Ask fundraisers to keep their network up to date to increase in funds raised. 
Their family and friends donated to their page, so why not keep them up to date as fundraising progresses? Just like a Facebook page, your supporters can update their status to keep their friends and family in the loop. Remember that the more often donors visit a fundraising page, the more likely they are to take an action (like donate, share, or get involved).  
  1. Say thanks to see additional increase in funds raised, and to increase the likelihood of future donations. 
Don’t forget to remind your fundraisers to say thank you.  Your fundraisers can post a thank you note donors directly on their everydayhero fundraising page to show the whole world how much they appreciate the support. 


We would love to hear how you are currently encouraging your fundraisers to raise support for your organization's mission. If you would like to connect with your peers and learn fundraising tips and tricks from one another, please drop your name and campaign URL as a comment into the area below this post. 
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