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Now in Limited Availability – Send Text Messages to Your Applicants!


What Does Limited Availability Mean? 

Text messaging functionality is now in a Limited Availability program! We’re making this feature available to existing Engage customers in waves, beginning August 2020 through the end of this year. The Limited Availability program allows Blackbaud to offer this new feature to select customers before making it generally available to all. When you have access to text messaging, you will receive a notification from within the product. 

During this Limited Availability program, the texting functionality will also be available at a discounted price for existing Advance and Connect clients. Contact your Account Executive (AE) for more information. If you’re not sure who your AE is, contact your Client Success Manager and they can point you in the right direction. 

We’re using this Limited Availability program to continue to collect feedback on this functionality. Please use this Community to start discussions and collaborate with others. And as always, submit and vote on feature requests if there is a challenge the functionality does not address today. We may also reach out to schedule a call and hear your feedback that way. Don’t forget to sign up for feedback calls if you haven’t already.  


How Does the Feature Work? 

System admins will have the ability to send one-off text messages from any application grid in the system. Because it's a one-off text, you can send any message you’d like, but here are some common use cases we’ve seen so far: 

  1. Filter by category and send a text to any applicants who have not submitted an application or thank-you letter, reminding them that a deadline is approaching   

  1. Send a text to qualified applicants for a specific scholarship Opportunity, encouraging them to apply 

  1. Text applicants to arrange a meeting with the donors funding their awards 

  1. Send a text to all applicants, directing them back to an important email you just sent out    

During this Limited Availability, you’ll be limited to 15,000 texts per month. This value resets on the first of every month.  


You can find more information on how this feature works here. 

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