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New Blackbaud Marketplace Applications for Text Messaging


The Blackbaud Marketplace has two new apps to help you leverage the power and simplicity of SMS to communicate with your constituents. Before you connect any apps to your Blackbaud environments, we recommend you first learn about them and contact the developer if you have any questions.

GivBee Text Messaging by GivBee

GivBee Text Messaging "enables you to create Text-to-Give campaigns, send mass texts, setup custom text keywords, send text alerts, manage a text opt-in list, schedule messages, build text groups, conduct text polling and much more."

Learn more about GivBee

SAM by Textmunication

SAM "is a cloud-communication platform as a service with the most advanced direct messaging technology that makes your communication live and gives you an unmatched targeting ability."

Learn more about SAM

Tip: Apps are listed alphabetically in the Blackbaud Marketplace directory.

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