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Blackbaud Church Management™ Announcements
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What's New (October 19) 8018

Check out the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Send receipts for stock / property gifts Email tasks tab removed from Gift receipting and Giving statements Let Blackbaud pay for your credit card processing fees with Complete cover on donation forms (for some of you)

What's New (October 12) 8008

Here's the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Create a constituent list from a group of classes Improvements to portal and MobileMission configuration settings

What's New (October 5) 7986

Check out the latest changes to Blackbaud Church Management ! View participant info for small groups in MobileMission

Small Group Leader Page Will Be Removed In 2022 7981

Starting in 2022, we will remove the Small Group Leader standalone webpage and ask all churches who want to maintain access to Small Groups for Leaders and Participants to use either the Portal or MobileMission.

What's New (September 28) 7972

Here's the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Refund gifts paid by credit card (for those who use Blackbaud Merchant Services) Send receipts for gifts-in-kind