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Blackbaud Church Management™ Announcements
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What's New (July 20) 7798

Check out the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Add images to donation forms Use a gift list to filter gifts that need a receipt

What's New (July 13) 7785

Happy Tuesday! Here's the latest in Blackbaud Church Management ! Add class participants from a list Enhanced filters for constituent lists Set gift amounts in donation forms Select your own confirmation page for online registrations Disable the calendar option for online registrations

Acknowledging Gifts At Your Church 7774

Remember birthday parties as a kid? All your friends would come and bring some gifts, and it was the best time ever! And then each gift had to be acknowledged. You had to write thank-you cards—and your parents made you write them by hand. What a chore! But in their wisdom, your parents would remind you that thanking someone for a gift was important and made ...

Applications page replaced with the Blackbaud Marketplace by the end of July 2021 7767

We are replacing the Applications page functionality with the Blackbaud Marketplace by the end of July 2021.

What's New In Blackbaud Marketplace Applications 7738

This month we have two new apps to spotlight. A data management app from Zeidman Development and an integration platform from Launchpad Technologies. Dig in to how these additions to the Blackbaud Marketplace aim to help your organization.