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What's New (September 15)

Check out the latest features in Blackbaud Church Management!

You can now track a class’s curriculum, such as the text, resource, or framework used for instruction. When you add or edit a class series from EventsClasses, enter the curriculum’s name or description in the new Class curriculum field. From a class record, in the details section, you can view the curriculum assigned to the class. For more information, see Class Management.

Prayer requests

  • Opt in to prayer request notifications —To quickly respond to new prayer requests, church admins can opt in to receive an email notification when someone adds a prayer request from the prayer wall or request form. From ConstituentsSettings, select Prayer requests. Under Prayer request notifications, select Edit and then select Receive notifications for new prayer requests. Notifications are sent to the email address associated with your Blackbaud ID account by default, but you can enter a different email address, if needed. For more information, see Prayer Request Settings.
  • Embed the prayer request form on your website — If your church would like to receive prayer requests online without including the public prayer wall on your website, you can embed the prayer request form. From ConstituentsPrayer requests, under Prayer requests, select CopyEmbed code for prayer request form. Then select Copy to copy the code. For more information, see Prayer Requests.

Note: Prayer requests submitted through the form are private and only church admins can view them.

  • Review closed prayer requests — Once a prayer request is no longer needed, you can close it to remove it from the prayer wall on your website and the Prayer requests list in Blackbaud Church Management. If you need to review a closed prayer request, you can now use filters to include it in the list. Under Prayer requests, select Filter and then select Closed under Prayer request status.

Donation forms

  • Preview donation forms -- Now you can easily see how a donation form looks before you embed it on your website. From ToolsDonation form designer, select Preview from the form’s menu or select Preview from the bottom of the donation form designer as you design or edit the form. Previously, you could only preview a form if you embedded it on a web page. For more information, see Donation Forms.

Preview donation form

  • Change default gift type on donation forms -- To maximize your opportunity to receive recurring gifts, now, you can choose to set the default gift type to recurring donation on forms. From ToolsDonation form designer, add or edit a donation form. Under Form, select Click to edit on the gift amounts and make your selection under Default gift type. For more information, see Donation Form Gift Options.

Change default gift type

Posted by Nikki Tremann on Sep 15, 2020 4:09 PM America/New_York

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Liz McCarthy‍ check out this new donation form functionality to set the gift type default to recurring! :)
  • Posted Tue 15 Sep 2020 06:57 PM EDT