What's New (November 17) 7299

What's New (November 17)

Check out the latest features in Blackbaud Church Management!

Based on your feedback, we made improvements to volunteer teams:
  • Print a team roster from Volunteers — You can now print a team roster from Volunteers. Previously, you could only print a volunteer roster from an event or opportunity record. To print a team's roster, from Volunteers, select the team name, then Print roster. The list displays each volunteer's name and their contact information.

    Note: If the team has no volunteers, the roster prints blank.

  • Scroll through teams more efficiently — Under Volunteers, you can now scroll through the team list independently of the rest of the page. For example, you can select a team from the bottom of the list and immediately add a volunteer from the top of the page. Previously, after you selected the team, you needed to return to the top of the page to add a volunteer or manage other details.

'Small groups
Track attendance trends for small groups -- To help you identify attendance trends for small groups, you can now view attendance averages for small groups during a selected time period. For example, if you notice declining attendance for a group, you can work with its leaders to re-engage the participants.

From ConstituentsCongregation summary, under Small groups attendance use the dashboard to:

  • Adjust the time period for attendance trends, such as by weeks, months, quarters, and years.

  • View the information as a line graph or table.

  • Define which small groups to include. To choose which groups appear in the graph or chart, select Select small groups.

  • Compare attendance across your small group program.

For more information, see Small Group Attendance .

View attendance histories for small groups -- To help monitor attendance patterns for small groups, admins can now view and export an attendance history for each group.

From ConstituentsSmall groups, open a small group record. Under Meetings, select View attendance history. The grid includes the name of each participant and the dates for all the meetings.

Circles appear depending on each participant’s attendance:

  • A filled in circle appears if a participant attended.
  • An empty circle appears if attendance was taken, but a participant was absent.

  • A column is blank if attendance wasn’t taken for a meeting.

  • Circles don’t appear for a participant before they joined the group.


To manage or print an attendance history, export and download it to a spreadsheet application — such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets — as a comma-separated values (CSV) file. From the grid, select Export. When the export completes, select Download file.

Note: You can view and export the past six week's of a group's attendance history. In a future release, the grid will include a history of all the group's previous meetings.

Congregation summary
Building on recent improvements to permissions in Blackbaud Church Management, you can now control who can access the metrics and data in ConstituentsCongregation summary. From Control panelSecurity, under RolesChurch management roles, add or edit a role. Next, select Show permissions to set whether users can view Congregation summary.

Note: Previously, users with rights to view or modify the directory could also view Congregation summary. To maintain consistency, those users will have the new permission selected automatically after this update. 

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It’s incredibly frustrating that Blackbaud continues to roll out improvements in these areas while ignoring the community requests to address more important issues related to giving. Can you please provide information on why those items are being shelved despite so many votes and comments? https://community.blackbaud.com/forums/viewtopic/535/52970
We know how important end of year giving receipts are, and that while you can currently print end of year statements, they are not in the format that you would like. You can see our response in the thread you linked. You are being heard, but unfortunately, while we are working on improving our printed statements (directly answer your question on are we working to address this or not), these improvements will not go live by the end of January. We wanted to be as transparent as possible for you to plan for this year's receipting season. If you would like assistance creating and running your printed statements for this year, you can reach out to support.blackbaud.com and we will happily help you get the best experience you can with the tools we currently have.