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What's New (April 27)


Check out the latest features for Blackbaud Church Management!

  • Enhancements for one-time classes
  • Share a registration form’s URL

A one-time class is a class associated with a non-recurring event or a single occurrence of a recurring event whose time or location changed. Previously, many of the tasks you could complete for a class series in Events, Classes weren’t available for one-time classes — you had to open a one-time class from its associated event record to complete them. To provide an easier and more consistent experience, all of the same options are now available for one-time classes in Events, Classes.

For example, the one-time class view (accessed when you select the name of a one-time class under Classes or Attendance), now includes several enhancements:

  • Edit or delete the class

  • Print a sign-in sheet, attendee list, or participant list

  • Email participants or chaperones

  • Take or update attendance manually at any time. (Previously, you could only mark a participant absent from this view.)

Note: Additional task options also appear in the menus for one-time classes under Classes and Attendance.

Event registration forms
You can now copy a registration form’s URL and paste the link into a browser or email. The form opens in a standalone page to help you easily share it, such as during testing. Previously, you always needed to embed the form in a web page

From an event’s record, under Online registration forms, select Share URL from the form’s menu.

Note: You can also copy the URL under Publish when you add or edit a form.

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