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What's New (August 2)


Here is the latest enhancement to Blackbaud Church Management!

  • Add multi-day one-time events

You can now create one-time events that span multiple days, such as a youth group lock-in that starts on a Friday night and extends into Saturday morning. Until now, the workaround was to add a daily recurring event for each day in the event period and then adjust the start and end times for each day; however, this method doesn’t accurately reflect the event as a single activity when you take attendance or display the event on the calendar.

To create a multi-day event, from Events, add a one-time event or edit an existing event occurrence. Then, enter start and end dates and times to span the period of the event. For more information, see Add an event
News Blackbaud Church Management™ Announcements 08/02/2022 10:19am EDT

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