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Blackbaud Users Field of Dreams
Blackbaud Users Field of Dreams

Let's create a team that allows us to work together to discuss and share common themes throughout the Blackbaud products. Using the theme, "If you build it, he will come," we can all network together.
Anyone can join this event. Please consider participating. We just chat about the Blackbaud databases and how we can help each other out. And it is a great way to meet people all over the country and at times the world.

This user group focuses on multiproduct (so not product specific) and commonalities.

Some topics we could focus on are:
  • Capabilities of the BB software in general (positive capabilities)
  • Queries (what to include or exclude)
  • Reports (most frequently developed reports)
  • Analytics
  • Attributes
  • Etc...
Karen Tuecke is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Date & Time
Thursday May 18th, 2023 1:00pm CDT
End Date & Time
Thursday June 15th, 2023 1:30pm CDT
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Hello someone please let me know when the next one is! I will come with many more questions haha!

Hi Alex. I have updated the invitation with the next date. Feel free to add it to your calendar.

WOW, thank you to Todd for an amazing discussion on Power BI and how to connect and the flow. You blew my mind!!! Today we were very light on attendance, but the content was truly AMAZING!! Again. thank you to Todd and a thank you to Alex who asked the questions.

@Karen Tuecke @Todd Peyton I did reach out to Todd. I finally realized that this is where all the communication was happening.

@Kim no worries, one will be next month. I hope to see you then!

@Alex can you please reach out to me or @Todd??

Just checking in to see who is able to make it to the Blackbaud Users Field of Dreams Zoom... We have had some great group discussions and good attendance to this once a month 30 minute gathering. Who will we see today??

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post an update on what was discussed and open it up for discussion… Power BI and integration was a topic again today. Other topics included Chimpigration (using mail chimp for integration) and creating customized fields for things like volunteers… If you have additional questions, I encourage you to post them here and someone from the group should be able to help you.

See you all this afternoon at 1 pm CST.

Person in sleep state dreaming.

I'm looking forward to the March event! Thanks for organizing this, @Karen Tuecke !

Thank you, Carlene for your attendance. I enjoy this group. See you soon.

Who is all able to join today??

Just checking in as I know we are in the middle of a major snow storm in the midwest. I plan on coming on but wanted to make sure you are all able as well.

Thank you to all who joined today. Really collaborative and had great conversations! If you missed out, join us next time. I have updated the date for February's event. See you all again soon!

Hi @Karen Tuecke, i'm in Australia so btw 14-17 hours diff and anything during the US daytime business hours is mainly our night time.

Liz, how many hours time difference are you? I am Central Standard Time USA.

I'd love to join these but it's always the middle of the night for me 😴

Question posed by a RE and FE user.

Hi everyone,

We're users of RE and K-12, in the middle of bringing in FE and Billing Management. We have a common issue where we receive cheques from parents meant to be allocated partially to tuition and partially to donations. Ultimately this has meant one sum hits the bank after a cheque is deposited and we have to record separate transactions in RE and our current tuition software, with info in the comments of these entries noting their relation to the sum hitting the bank, so our bookkeeper can reconcile, which is ultimately a bandaid and a headache.

With FE and Billing Management, our understanding is that it would still have to work this way, with transactions feeding from RE & BM in FE, ultimately still showing as 2 transactions, so reconciliation still becomes a pain.

We could be missing something, but does anyone know if there's a way to have one sum recording in FE that will tie into the separate RE and BM transactions easily?

Daniel Wallach

@Daniel Wallach

Petra Hall Petra Hall Jan '23

Hello Daniel,

I suppose you could set up RE to have a “Student Fees” fund (I'd set up a separate campaign, too), enter the payment as a split gift, and post it to the GL. Then, in Billing Management, enter the payment and mark it as “Do Not Post”.

At posting it would be a good idea to reconcile the “Do Not Post” payments in Billing Management to the RE “Student Fees” fund.

It would still be two transactions, but at least they'd be in the same batch, and right next to each other (depending on how you post to the GL).

Hi everyone. Can you believe it is December?? Where has the year gone??

I have updated the calendar to reflect the final gathering of the year. This date is December 15 and I hope you all can make it.

Just a reminder, today is the Blackbaud Users Field of Dreams. Who is all able to attend?? Just trying to get a head count.

@Karen Tuecke You too!

Have a Merry Christmas @Marie Stark


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