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Fundraiser On The Go FAQ


This post has been edited from its original version. Based on customer feedback, some language has been updated for clarity.

Fundraiser on the Go is a mobile-first, responsive web application for Blackbaud CRM.  Included is a list of frequently asked questions related to Fundraiser on the Go.

What can I do with Fundraiser on the Go?
Fundraiser on the Go is a web-based application that is focused on task-based activities that a fundraiser completes when out of the office.  These include reviewing their portfolio; viewing detailed prospect information including contact information, interactions and revenue history; and filing a contact report to document their trip. 

When will Fundraiser on the Go be available?
Fundraiser on the Go releases with BBCRM version 4.0 Service Pack 12, targeted for end of March 2017.

Where will I find Fundraiser on the Go?
In the Prospect functional area, navigate to Prospect management/Fundraiser on the Go.  Copy the URL and send it to fundraisers to allow them to easily access Fundraiser on the Go.  They can bookmark the URL on their device for easy access.

What devices are supported?
Since Fundraiser on the Go is a web application it is supported on iOS and Android devices and can be used with phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.
Will Fundraiser on the Go be deployed to hosting and on premise customers?
It is available to all customers regardless of current deployment (Self hosted or Blackbaud hosted).

Are there dependencies on SKYTM Services in the Cloud for Fundraiser on the Go? Will there be an impact to log in Accounts?
Fundraiser on the Go is not dependent on existing or new SKY application services.  The user would continue to log in using their existing credentials once permissions to Fundraiser on the Go had been established within the Administrations/Security/Prospects/Mobile/ section of security. 

Blackbaud CRM’s Fundraiser on the Go takes advantage of SKY UX(TM) which gives it an updated look and feel which is consistent with where other Blackbaud solutions are headed.
Are there any capacity planning issues for server sizing for Hosted or On Premise customers for Fundraiser on the Go?
There should be minimal to no impact if Fundraisers are already logging in regularly to Blackbaud CRM for typical activity such as lookups, contact reports, constituent profile views, and plan updates. The features use the same APIs and features that a Fundraiser would be using in the existing interface, just accessed with the updated look and feel of SKY UX.  If an organization had a significant NEW adoption of Fundraisers that previously did not use BBCRM and are now expected to log in and perform routine activity, there could be an impact similar to the new adoption of any population to BBCRM.
What is the Architecture of Fundraiser on the Go?  How does it interact with Blackbaud CRM?
Fundraiser on the Go is written using SKY UX, which makes it responsive. The files for Fundraiser on the Go are installed and deployed into the IIS directories of Blackbaud CRM and accessed via a special Mobile URL. Fundraiser on the Go calls the same API endpoints that Blackbaud CRM Web UI uses, but with a SKY UX overlay.
Can Fundraiser on the Go be deployed to a separate Web Server from Blackbaud CRM IIS web services, so that its features could be deployed to a web server in a DMZ, and enable only those features to be exposed?
No. Fundraiser on the Go is deployed into the existing Blackbaud CRM IIS framework and cannot be separated.
What Security implications are there for deployment of Fundraiser on the Go?
Self-Hosted customers must evaluate their phone access policies for a web-based system. Some customers, for example, require a VPN to access their instance of BBCRM behind a firewall. In that case, some customers may opt to deploy phone-based VPN access, and require it for access to Fundraiser on the Go.  Given that organizations have their own unique security policies, Blackbaud does not provide recommendations.
Hosted customers can access Fundraiser on the Go using the URL without additional considerations.
What are the differences between Mobilize and Fundraiser on the Go?
Fundraiser on the Go improves the look and feel of the mobile experience, and since it is responsive, it can be rendered on tablets and phones.  It includes additional information that was not available in Mobilize including revenue.
Will Mobilize still be supported?
There are no current plans to end support for Mobilize.
Is there a tutorial video available?
A preview of Fundraiser on the Go can be found here.
We are excited for your fundraisers and organization to start taking advantage of this new tool!

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