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Action Needed For Customers Who Self-Host Blackbaud CRM And Blackbaud Internet Solutions 7962

On October 5 between 10 and 11 p.m. Eastern, Blackbaud will make a change to enhance the security of the Blackbaud Payment Service™ that requires your attention. This change will impact the IP addresses associated with Blackbaud Payment Service™, and updates are required for self-hosted customers to avoid disrupting your payment processing. If ...

Tips for Keeping Blackbaud CRM Up to Date 7926

Updating Blackbaud CRM™ with the latest Service Pack is essential to keeping the solution working effectively and helping your organization meet its goals. The following tips provide a brief overview of the Service Pack process and how you can apply them to your instance of Blackbaud CRM.

What's New in the Blackbaud Marketplace 7881

This month we have a new app from SSB to spotlight. Dig in to how this addition to the Blackbaud Marketplace aims to help your organization.

You Asked For More #bbdevdays – Save The Date Now For November 9! 7867

We hope you were one of the lucky ones who joined Blackbaud Developers’ Conference, the first-ever company-wide, technology focused developer event back in June. It built on the prior success of this conference for Blackbaud CRM by bringing its networking, sharing, creativity, and fun to more solutions like Blackbaud Raisers’ Edge NXT, Blackbaud ...

4.0 SP28 Hotfix 2 Available For Download! 7840

We have released Hotfix 2 for version 4.0 SP28 (, and it is available for download here . If Blackbaud hosts your database, please create a case with Support to request that the hotfix be applied to your environment. The patch report can be reviewed here .