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New Payment Experience For BBIS Mini Donation Form

The new Mini Donation Form (Beta) was released in 4.0 SP12. This new form captures quick donations and is intended to be auxiliary to other content on your pages. The mini donation form also represents the first BBIS part to use the Blackbaud Checkout experience. Blackbaud Checkout provides a superior donor experience while still utilizing a Blackbaud-hosted secure page to collect payment information, even for clients who host their own BBIS site. Blackbaud Checkout also gives customers who use Blackbaud Merchant Services additional wallet features of Visa Checkout, Masterpass, and eventually Apple Pay.
In the last few weeks, those of you who have implemented or are testing the Mini Donation Form may have noticed that the look and feel of the Blackbaud Checkout overlay has changed. Blackbaud Checkout currently supports three digital wallet options and we will continue to add support for more into 2018 and beyond. The new design was needed in order to maintain the flexibility for adding newer digital wallet options. This new design also offers a simpler experience for future BBIS enhancements when the Billing Address is pre-populated from a BBIS form and needs to be updated prior to submitting for payment. Blackbaud Checkout is released as part of quarterly Payments releases and does not require an upgrade to your CRM/BBIS environments.
In addition to the redesigned look, Blackbaud Checkout also now supports 3-D Secure for card-not-present payments. 3-D Secure is an authentication-based payment system that improves online transaction security. It is used extensively in our international markets. In order to take advantage of this functionality, customers must use a merchant account that is set up to use 3-D Secure processing. The following gateways and currencies are supported –
Gateway Currencies
CyberSource USD CAD
BBMS CyberSource USD CAD
We will be extending the Blackbaud Checkout experience to other transactional forms in BBIS such as the Event Registration, Payments 2.0, Advanced Donation Form, etc. This will enable you to take advantage of the streamlined and superior payment experience throughout your site.

Samantha McGuin
Sr. Product Manager
Posted by Samantha McGuin on Sep 25, 2017 1:16 PM America/New_York

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This looks great.  Is there a timeline for ApplePay and are there any plans to incorporate Paypal into the new checkout experience?
  • Posted Mon 25 Sep 2017 01:49 PM EDT
Will this mini donation form be embeddable on non-BBIS websites? We are a Foundation and the University has its own webpages and many would like their mini donation forms embedded into their pages... 
  • Posted Tue 12 Dec 2017 01:22 PM EST
I love this idea Sam! Is there anything on the road map that includes a generic shopping cart that customizations can utilize?
  • Posted Tue 03 Jul 2018 03:45 PM EDT
Is this modal feature using 'aria-modal' making it accessible to screen readers?
  • Posted Thu 06 Dec 2018 04:02 PM EST