I have moved several times as an adult. Each move has started out much the same: I am charged with a burst of energy to reorganize and evaluate all my worldly possessions. I purge and develop a unique color-coded system to organize boxes. I tell myself, “This move will be different! It won’t be stressful!” But life happens, and inevitably as the big day arrives I find myself throwing random items into boxes (those juice glasses don’t need to be wrapped in newspaper, we can just put them in this bin of baby clothes!) and then dumping said boxes into a spare room of my new abode to be dealt with later.

Maybe you have not physically moved recently, but have you embarked on a digital migration or move? Often when moving to a new database or school year, you start off with great organization intentions (just like me). But as reality sets in and timelines rapidly progress, you fall into a similar practice of dumping everything into the database to be organized and evaluated later.

The good news is that Blackbaud’s education management portfolio has several new data imports that can help you feel less overwhelmed when sorting through and organizing your school’s data. Use this robust tool to add large quantities of new, clean data to your system, or to quickly and efficiently update and tidy up data that you are already storing.
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Connected Apps: Data Sync For REACH Boarding

This week in the Education management blog, come learn more about the SKY API, the App Marketplace, and syncing Blackbaud to Reach.

Welcome back to the Education management blog everyone! We have a small, but important update on SKY API and the App Marketplace.


SKY API for schools provides access to school information such as users, academics, admissions, athletics, content, general school info, and lists. 

You can use applications created by Blackbaud, our partners, your organization, or other approved external developers to extend the functionality of your Blackbaud solutions and to securely access data with the School API to do more with your school information.
When you create an app, you have the option make it available to other schools via the app marketplace.  You can visit the app marketplace to find existing apps to connect to your school.

Available in App Marketplace

Now, an application created by REACH Boarding is available for your school to connect to Education Management.  

For Education Management, REACH Data Sync enables the synchronization of student and parent data from Blackbaud to REACH. To learn more about the app or contact its developers, visit the app marketplace.  

Connect an App

Connecting is just the first step in enabling an app to extend the functionality of your Blackbaud solutions.

You then need to work with the app publisher to complete their set up steps. Also, when you connect an app, it does not have access to your Blackbaud data yet. If it wants to access your data, it still needs to ask for consent first. Consent is given on a per user basis and the app can only access data that the consenting user can access.

After you connect an app, you must contact the app publisher for next steps and to discuss fees. No payment is given or promised at the time you connect; it just initiates your interest in that solution.

If you have questions about what data it requires access to or how it works, include those questions when you contact them. And if you ever decide the app isn’t right for your organization, an admin can quickly disconnect it. All permissions are then revoked!

Before you go!
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Posted by Derek Nichols on Jun 26, 2020 12:14 PM America/New_York

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