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DIY Forms Got Ya Scratching Your Head? Then Let These Resources Help!

We're pretty sure you've heard the term before...  DIY Forms.  We're betting you heard about them when working with your Account Executive when considering adding eTapestry to your organization's set of tools for your fundraising needs.  We're even betting that various other announcements, blog posts, or even trainings have brought up the idea before and how they can be set up in the database.

We're also sure that some struggle a bit understanding where to start and what to do next - or maybe creating them at all frustrates users.

So!  That's why we're wanting to come to you today with these resources we've recently created.  Our Customer Success Team here at Blackbaud have been hard at work creating new, bite-sized, easy to digest "Jump-Start" sessions.  We've recently sent an email notifying our fine eTap users where they can find these on-demand sessions in a nice and tidy single location right here in the eTapestry Community's Resources section.  If you didn't see that email or missed out on that info, you can find it right HERE.

While I personally would love to go on and on about all the great resources there and the many more we are working on creating, this little write up is more about three in particular that we just added to the list this month.  You guessed it...  All three of them cover a different type of DIY Form that you can create.  Not only that, but these three types of online forms are the most popular types of forms to create for various campaigns, events, communication needs, and general donations.

First up, just need a little push in the right direction on where to start with creating an Online Giving Form?  Well, try this Jump-Start Your Success: Creating Online Donation Forms session a try!

Then, while you're at it, maybe you think you also need to let your donors and constituents sign up for communications from your organization.  If you're not sure what that process looks like or what all these types of forms can do, Jump-Start Your Success: Creating Online Contact Forms is the very first suggestion that comes to my mind to help you!

Thirdly, maybe you're already accepting donations on your very own DIY Form with eTapestry.  Or, heck, maybe you've even set up a Contact Form to let your constituents get in the know of upcoming campaigns or newsletters or events...  Say, speaking of events.  Did you know that you can set up event registration forms through the DIY Form functionality to sell tickets to events?  If you've not yet set up that type of form, you can get lots of information by watching Jump-Start Your Success: Creating Online Registration Forms.  That not only shows you how to set up that specific type of form, but also how to set up the all important Ticket Quantity field that is required to publish the form!

We hope this helps better explain how these forms are created and cuts right to the chase of the general steps and fields you will encounter while setting up your forms.  We know time is of the utmost essence and every minute of your day is precious to you, your organization, and those you serve.  We create these Jump-Start Sessions to be watched whenever you wish and our goal is to help get started using more of your eTapestry database so you can expand the good you do for your community and those you serve!
Posted by Geoff Arbuckle on Aug 22, 2019 1:30 PM America/New_York

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