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Geoff Arbuckle
Hello eTap users! I'm excited to tell you there is a new webinar coming up from yours truly. Last week, we had a ...
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Lydia Bates
I'd love to be able to use the drag and drop templates for newsletters, but for some reason I just can't get anything ...
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Hi Lydia, have you reached out to support with this issue? Thanks!

Lisa Gill
If a donor has a payroll deduction through his employer go to the United Way but directs their donation directly to ...
Lisa Gill Category Data Entry 26d
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Hi Lisa,

Others may credit it differently but we base it on who the donation comes from. If it's from United Way - that ...

Xiyu Chen
There are a couple of new endpoints in the available API list that allows students get assignments or section ...
Xiyu Chen Category API 27d
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Hi! Did you mean to post this in the eTapestry community? What product are you asking about here?

Stacy Bazman
I am new to batching and acknowledgement letters. I notice that when I am batching that there is often important ...
Stacy Bazman Category Communications Apr '22
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Can you be more specific? And the person writing the letters, are they in the database running the queries? You ...

Beverly Chang
Do any of your organization's have a member log-in function on your website that interfaces with eTap? My ...
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Carmen VazquezGuzman
We are looking to find out what website platforms other eTap people use. We are currently using Weebly but are ...
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Stephanie M Pratt
Good morning! My name is Stephanie Pratt and I am a researcher here at Blackbaud! We're conducting research to ...
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Michele Burns
How do I get both spouses' names listed on a report?
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Depends on the report, but look to see if the addressee/salutations options can give you that. Otherwise, it just ...

Mark Nordstrom
We have many DIY Forms for users to donate to specific memorials. These forms send out a confirmation email. These ...
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Here is an example of the DNS Record that works:
v=spf1 ...

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