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    Celebrating Our August & September Certified Users
    Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our eTapestry users who became  Blackbaud   Certified  in August and September! Be sure to review our listing, and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud  Community  friends, or just congratulating them on their awesome achievements. To all our  eTapestry Certified ... more

eTapestry Tips and Tricks

  • BBU2019
    Preparing for 20/20 Vision
    I’ve been excited about 2020 since the 1990s. I remember thinking the switch to 2000 was going to be so strange—and then I wondered if we’d all have 20/20 vision in the year 2020.  Since then, I’ve worked in the nonprofit and social good space for two decades. And I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard and said things like: I wish I would have known that ... more