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Geoff Arbuckle
Howdy folks. Just wanted to remind everyone that this upcoming Tuesday, January 24 at 11am ET/4pm GMT is the next ...
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Stephen Colwell
Hi - is anyone processing credit card or Paypal payments from constituents in India? We are having difficulties ...
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@Stephen Colwell hello! Is this an issue you have reached out to Blackbaud support with? Let us know!

David Quirk
I am a new eTapestry user and would love to talk with someone (either email, phone or Zoom) who considers themselves ...
David Quirk Category Communications Dec '22
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@David Quirk I am what I would call skilled in eTapestry. To be honest, I create our newsletter externally and email ...

Karen Tuecke
One of my favorite options in eTapestry is the option to move a donation to another account. Show of hands… who knew ...
Karen Tuecke Category Data Entry Dec '22
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Betsy Rubenstein
How are others who are using Donor Cover managing the fact that the total received is shown in eTapestry, as opposed ...
Betsy Rubenstein Category Best Practices Dec '22
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ETAP -I-2557 is the idea posted

Katy Rust
Hello! We just set-up eTapestry for our organization (yay!). I have a list of people who have signed up to receive an ...
Katy Rust Category Communications Dec '22
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@Katy Rust have you thought about matching them up with their constituent code and then importing them into ...

Gail Vincent
I'm not sure who needs to see this, but the Payment Services presentation from bbcon showed a checkout message for ...
Gail Vincent Category General Discussion Nov '22
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@Gail Vincent thanks for bringing that to our attention! I'm passing along to the team.

Hayley Troy
Is it possible to change the text on the opt out link in Mass Communications from Remove my name from all future mass ...
Hayley Troy Category Communications Nov '22
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@Hayley Troy

Hi there. That message is not one that is customizable, but this something I do recommend you take to ...

Janette Layton
I need a video or something. No clue of how to use anything. I'm familiar with the basic template, but this drag n drop ...
Janette Layton Category Communications Nov '22
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Robert Burch
One of the most requested items on the Ideas Forum is to have sub-folders for Queries and Reports. For some reason, ...
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@Robert Burch - an addendum: It seems eTap deletes empty Categories so we have had to put a dummy Query or Report in ...

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