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Daniel Orrell
With so many Blackbaud solutions using Blackbaud Merchant Services, it is something everyone at your ...
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Benjamin ODonnell
Our nonprofit mails out a newsletter on a quarterly basis with people marked with a specific checkbox in our ...
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@Benjamin ODonnell Hi, I'm replying so I can follow the response. Thank you for posting it! Michelle

Julia Evans
I have a suggestion for the Blackbaud team, it would be great if you would build out a reminder calendar on the Grants ...
Julia Evans Category Data Entry Jul '22
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@Julia Evans Hi Julia, are you a member of the GrantsConnect community? If not, let me know and I'll get you in. That ...

Veronica Renzo
Just recently, my corker can no longer cut and paste from Gmail or word into notes in database view. I can cut and ...
Veronica Renzo Category Data Entry Jul '22
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@Veronica Renzo Hello! Is this a Raiser's Edge question? If so, I can move it the Raiser's Edge community.

Keltie Lane
When I create a social media links block I hit two problems. Firstly, when I enter the corresponding FB link, it ...
Keltie Lane Category Queries and Reports Jun '22
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Hi Keltie, have you reached out to Blackbaud support with this issue?

Kellie DeMers
I've been in development for about 20 years and have never run into a situation that our business office just put in ...
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Hi Kellie,

In response to your organization accepting payments for camp, I would refer to the IRS for guidance. The ...

Haley Gotfrid
Hi All, My org is a community centre, and we keep track of fitness and commnuity memberships in a separate database ...
Haley Gotfrid Category Best Practices Jun '22
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Cory  Sytsma
Hi, New to eTapestry, stepping in to help with existing implementation. I have 2 main questions: Can you have an ...
Cory Sytsma Category Communications Jun '22
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Hi Cory,

I can answer question 1 of your inquiry. If you are using DIY forms through blackbaud merchant ...

Cindy Shanks
If your charity is accepting Cryptos, how is working out for you? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Cindy Shanks Category Best Practices May '22
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We are via - they take care of making the sale and send the final amount to you via Stripe. We set it up at the ...

Geoff Arbuckle
Hello eTap users! I'm excited to tell you there is a new webinar coming up from yours truly. Last week, we had a ...
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