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Arlene Harten
I would like to set up an auto report to run from January to the end of the prior to the current month each month and ...
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Thomas Williford
Hello to anyone who can help: We are a non-profit with roughly 2,500 donors. Over the last 7 years, various ...
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Betsy Rubenstein
My HQ support is working with BB support on the DKIM issue, but they can't seem to speak the same language. Can ...
Betsy Rubenstein Category Communications Feb '24
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@Betsy Rubenstein We worked with BB support and they provided us with the 2 DKIM for both basic and advanced email. ...

Raymah Hutchinson
I have a query with a data return of accounts. I run the Standard Report Account List and get the campers but there is ...
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Jim Vaughn
I was wondering if anyone ‘on the boards’ has some wisdom that might help me. Administrators are wondering if there ...
Jim Vaughn Category Best Practices Jan '24
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@Kevin Wood or @Jeff Gaier - Do one of you know the answer to this?

Harry Levinson
I am tracking down some SPF compliance issues and there is a big group of emails that seem to be sent from ...
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Support thinks it is likely related to DIY Receipts. More investigation to come.

Sing Sing Prison Museum
I'm trying to create our year-end tax letters but when I try to add a merge field, no options show up…I click the merge ...
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Wanessa Dougherty
Hello! I'm having a hard time getting an accurate year end query report. I followed the step by step process from ...
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@Wanessa Dougherty - Can you share a link to the knowledgebase article you are using?

Crystal Bruce
This month, we want to hear from you about your favorite product tip/trick that you use to make your work life easier ...
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Tiffany Mathisen
I'm wondering how many organizations out there use eTapestry's mass mail vs. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or ...
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@Tiffany Mathisen
I personally have never used eTap, but I have used Constant Contact and Raiser's Edge's built in ...

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