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eTapestry Announcements

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    Join Us to Learn More about Recently Added Features during the eTapestry Adoption Sessions
    We hope you’ll be joining us for our first Product Update Briefing Series , which are sure to get you excited about recently added features and capabilities like new home page tiles, the ability to create drag-and-drop email templates, and even how to plug in some peer-to-peer fundraising tools you can start using as soon as you hear about them! To help you accelerate your Blackbaud products to reach its fullest potential, the Blackbaud Customer Success team has developed Product Adoption Sessions to hit the gas pedal.   more

eTapestry Tips and Tricks

  • BBU2019
    Something(s) to Think About
    Have you ever wondered why you should enter some extra details about constituents and journal entries when doing data entry? It’s all about making data more usable. If you’ve defined which group(s) your constituents are part of, then you can create better groupings. Better groupings mean you can have better targeted communications and more useful ... more