Let's See What You Might Have Missed From Customer Success In November 8742

Let's See What You Might Have Missed From Customer Success In November


Check out the videos from this month's Customer Success Enablement Webinars.

Hello fellow eTapestry users!

Customer Success Manager, and eTapestry expert, Geoff Arbuckle here. In November, I hosted a couple webinars that I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of. Check out the links below to find recordings of those past webinar sessions.

Complete Cover or Donor Cover - Which One Is Best for Me?
In this session, I reviewed the new offerings for Complete Cover and Donor Cover available in eTapestry Online Do-It-Yourself Forms and how they each will appear when someone checks out to complete their gift, and how each one will appear in the database. This session's goal was to make sure that you came to an educated decision based on what your organization would feel is the proper option to use, if you wanted to use either cover option. You can watch the video by using the link above. (NOTE: This session was only presented to eTapestry users in the United States and Canada as these features are not yet available to our friends overseas.)

Get a Head Start on Your End of Year Communications and Reports
It's never too early to get ready for end of year tasks like your final email appeal pushes! In this session, I talked about some simple steps you can take to get on the ball with those final pushes for the year including some query tips and some communication template tips. In addition that, I also talked about how you can already set up your end of year query and report. One of the great things about eTapestry is that you can use the option "LAST YEAR" as either your Journal Entry Date query criteria or you can use the Constituent Journal Entry Date query called Last Year - JE as your Starting Query to build from. With that already in place, it's just a matter of setting up your report and having it scheduled to arrive on the day you want in January when you're ready to report your final numbers for 2022. Click the link above to check out that webinar.

We hope that our American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope everyone will have an incredible Holiday Season. In December, as we prepare to close the books on 2022, I'm going to have two more webinars that will feature conversations about tips and tricks for how User Defined Fields can make your Journal Contacts able to do so much more (as with Events, Grants, Volunteers, etc.) and for our American and European folks, I will get started early on talking about how you can start creating your tax documents so you can be ready to send those out to your donors in 2023. Look for emails and another post coming soon advertising when you can register for those events.

I look forward to seeing you at our future webinars, and, if you are still working on getting your GivingTuesday plans finalized, don't forget to check out Blackbaud's free GivingTuesday Resources to help you along. Until next time, Geoff signing out!
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