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Celebrating Our 2016 ETapestry Certified Users

The community of eTapestry certified users continues to grow and Blackbaud University wants to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment. In 2016, 40 individuals earned their eTapestry Fundamentals Certification. You can view the names of those who got certified during the first half of 2016 here. In the last half of 2016, the following professionals earned their eTapestry Fundamentals Certification:

Emily Wolfe
Tammey Zalewski
Dametria Refner
Marygrace Otterbine
Mandi Stoll
Shannon McCarthy
Alexandra Gardner
Michelle Laredo
Darlyne Pitt
Nicole Jutzi
Cara Schmidt
Shawn Albert
Kelly Albertson
Jelani Day
Heather Johnson Schmitz
Maggie Stockel
Liz Hariton
Johan Etsebeth
Rachel Bailey
Leah Chang
Trisha Bunce
Melissa Papayannis
Callie Stewart
Cindy Casson
Gillian Pultz

Congratulations everyone! Remember, a new eTapestry certification is available each calendar year. As individuals become certified this year, we’ll publish their names and celebrate their success. If you have never taken the certification exam, or haven’t refreshed it yet this year, make a resolution to start off the year right—and get certified! Good luck everyone!

Posted by Silvia Neal on Jan 25, 2017 8:48 PM America/New_York