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Celebrating Our 2017 Q4 Certified ETapestry Users

Blackbaud University is starting the New Year by celebrating our eTapestry users who became Blackbaud Certified in October, November, and December!

Be sure to review our listing, and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on their awesome achievements.

To all our eTapestry Certified professionals, let me be the first to say a well-earned and heartfelt congratulations!

Want to join this distinguished group? Find out where you are on your journey to becoming eTapestry Certified.

eTapestry Fundamentals

Abhiraman, Vasu

Ayoub, Marlene

Bista, Sabita

Campbell, Liz

Cobb, Marti

Cody, Gingy

Dabney, Lisa

Dion, Elysse

Dodd, Kristin

Eagon, Patty

Fleming, Emily

Foat, Sue

Fortini, Kimberly

Gandulla, Lauren

Gelinas, Rebecca

Gillis, Cynthia

Granger, Ann Louise

Haines, Michelle

Holgate, Nicole

King, Ellen

Lees, Katelyn

Lund, Trish

Macintyre, Sarah

Marshall, Chantelle

Milligan, Sarah

Moore, Sarah

Morphew, Lisa

Navarro, Annette

Nourayi, Julianna

Padgett, Keith

Perkins, Whitney

Records, Ali

Retana, Danielle

Shebaro, Leila

Simon-Gersuk, Marilyn

Slaven, Morgan

Sullivan, Mandy

Tamakloe, Rhoda

Tuecke, Karen

Vanzanten, Dana

Wilcox, Allison

Williams, Kim

Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jan 11, 2018 10:59 AM America/New_York

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Way to go everyone!!!
  • Posted Fri 12 Jan 2018 12:39 PM EST
Great work!
  • Posted Fri 12 Jan 2018 02:10 PM EST