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What's New In Altru 5.0

In Altru 5.0, we focused a lot on making improvements and enhancements from your feedback! Version 5.0 includes new query and smart field definitions to help your development staff find information about potential donors, enhancements to the Constituent Update Batch settings, and new search functionality in Fundraiser on the Go.

We made improvements to: 
  • Constituent Update Batch: Giving you more control over how updates are handled in Import and Batch for things like Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address,and Birth Date. 
  • Total Number of Visits Smart Field: A new default smart field to calculate a constituent's total number of visits.
    • This new smart field will give you a pre-built option to calculate a constituent's total number of visits. This was an idea from customers just like you on the Community! 
  • Updates to the List of Donors Smart Query: We've added fields to this query to include contact information like Primary Email, Primary Phone, and whether the donor has chosen to give anonymously. 
    • This Donor List Smart query has improvements to include Primary Email and Primary Phone, which was something we heard a lot of customers ask for additionally. These additional details can eliminate the need to manually build an ad-hoc query. 
  • Consecutive Giving Years Smart Field: A new default smart field to calculate a donor's consecutive giving years. 
    • A new default smart field that will automatically populate information for you, so you don't have to create a complex smart field for this from scratch. If you need to, this can be edited further for more specific information that you may need. 
  • Consecutive Giving Years Query: A new default query that will automatically pull in the new Consecutive Giving Years Smart field to help you identify which donors are giving consistently. 
    • A new default ad-hoc query so you don't have to create an ad-hoc query on your own to view the value of the smart field. 
  • Revenue and Recognition Dynamcs Smart Query: A new smart query on both hard and soft credits to identify lapsed donors with the potential to donate again. 
    • A new smart query that will make is easier to find donors that are lapsed or no longer giving, and will include Revenue and Recognition. It is a much easier solution than building separate LYBUNT/SYBUNT queries or separate ad-hoc queries. 
  • Fundraiser on the Go Constituent Search: Allowing fundraisers to search through the entire list of prospects in your database, and not just the ones in their portfolios. 

For more information, review our 5.0 New Features Guide! Also, check out the blog on all issues resolved in 5.0. 

We are excited about the changes, and we hope you are too! Let us know in the comments below what you are most excited about! 
Posted by Kayla Melvin on Apr 6, 2018 2:31 PM America/New_York