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Mike Simmons
Please join the Blackbaud Online Giving product team for an exciting update on Blackbaud Donation Forms coming ...
MB Wilkinson
Has anyone set up an Altru Workstation on an iPad? I see posts from 2015 and before about mobile payment stations, ...

@MB Wilkinson

For various reasons, we use a third-party system for processing credit cards. But we use Altru ...

Maggie Peck
My org hosts three 21+ events in the summer. This year, we're rolling out a ticket bundle program. If folks purchase ...

@Maggie Peck

Have you looked into creating a package with the three events. Here's is a link to a package we created ...

Tracy Kong
Is there an option to remove or disable recurring gifts from the new optimized forms?

@Tracy Kong
Since it doesn't exist yet, you may want to vote on this idea in the RE ideas bank: Remove Recurring Gift ...

Bridget Brennan
Hi! I'm wondering how folks have managed raffles in their platforms (specifically 50/50 if anyone has ...
Kelly Heese
We often have corporations or organizations registering for our special events. Right now there is no way for me to ...
Catherine Perez
Altru is consistently favoring canceled or expired memberships over Active memberships in exports. This ...

@Catherine Perez
maybe make a sep segment or selection of all cancelled and when exporting ask (if you can in ...

Naomi Harding
I previously used Blackbaud's CRM product that is built on basically the same platform as Altru and was surprised ...

Here's the link to the IDEA

Abbie Stevens
Hello! I've noticed that when I'm manually adding a new constituent, the software automatically assumes their ...

@Abbie Stevens
I believe there are other threads about this in the forums, but the place where an assumed gender is ...

Claire McCann
We've implemented a 3% Credit Card Processing Fee for online sales. But it doesn't apply to donations or Special ...

@Claire McCann
How did you add the fee to online purchases?

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