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  • The Big Red Dog, Altru, And Applying Tickets To A Membership
    My family and I recently made a trip to a local museum. Our goal was to make family memories and introduce our little one to a very special exhibit featuring his current favorite character—a big red dog. As we purchased our tickets, our friendly ticket seller asked if we’d considered a museum membership. She quickly ticked off some of her favorite ... more

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  • Altru Roadmap Webinar Recording
    The Quarterly Altru Roadmap Review Be sure to attend so you can learm more about our upcoming releases for the remainder of 2017, oncluding information on our convergence with Blackbaud Sky and the vision for Altru, Mobile Fundraisier on the Go, and the new login experience coming this October! W atch the On-Demand Recording Now >  Sign Up for the ... more