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Mary Sommer
Hi, Is there any way to write off a balance due in an Altru group sale? I thought of adding a resource with a negative ...
Anna Culbertson
Hi everyone! We are in the process of reworking our ticketing system. Some information needed: We give all ...

@Anna Culbertson
We use Social Good to work around this. We received a grant where residents of the city of ...

Kim Ward
What would be the best process to enter soft credit to individuals donors? We have one check from a community ...
Kim Ward 11d

@Kim Ward In Altru, I would enter the gift with the community foundation and then in the payment edit the ...

AJ Harper
Is there a way to change the default method from check in back office. When entering a membership payment it ...
AJ Harper 14d

@AJ Harper Try this:

  1. Click Revenue > Batch Entry
  2. Click Batch Templates
  3. Click the arrow next to Membership Dues ...
Joe Samuel
Hello! Is anyone aware of any benchmarks around conversion of one off givers to regular givers? e.g. X% of one off ...
Crystal Bruce
Last month, Blackbaud hosted our Product Update Briefings that showcased recent innovations and previewed ...
Kelly Olson
We have a number of programs that run weekly or monthly that are included with general admission. There is no sign up ...
Kimberly Munson
When setting up a direct debit for pledges, what does "prenotify" mean under EFT Status?
Rebecca Gross
It would be great if Altru allowed organizations to schedule program events more than 365 days out.

@Rebecca Gross Hi! Can you post it in the Altru ideas bank? Thanks! Blackbaud Altru® Ideas - Blackbaud Community

Eniko Horvath
SAY ( is looking for credit card readers to borrow for our upcoming Gala on May 22. We only use these ...

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