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    Taking It to the Next Level
    Have you ever wondered if you’re using Altru to its full capacity? Are you wondering if you’re completing tasks in the most efficient manner? Speaking from experience, I know it’s relatively impossible to know everything about every area of Altru, but maybe there are tools you haven’t looked at since you went live— and you’ve always wondered about ... more

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    Celebrating our March Certified Community Members!
    I have to say, y'all are rockin' the certification this year! Let's see if we can certify EVERYONE  (I dream big!) In March, the following people earned their Altru Fundamentals Certification: DongQuan Su Laura Chaney Tammi Kimbrell Erin Ciechowski Heather Stahr Jessica Albright Therese Conturso Terre Kemble Carol Fischenich Jessica Cantrell ... more