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    That Dream You Have
    True confessions: I have a recurring dream where I am about to teach a class and the power goes out, my voice disappears, and I don’t have any of my materials. It’s the triple threat of bad news for a facilitator/instructor—mechanical failure, human body limits, and unpreparedness. For me, it’s a bit cold-sweat inducing. Do you have those kinds of ... more

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    Celebrating our April Certified Users
    Yes, it's really time to offer up a cheer for our "newest" certified users. I saw a bunch of names I recognize in this group...I've been lurking in some classrooms lately and also remembering those who have certified in a couple of consecutive years! Give it up for this awesome group! Liya Oertel Becca Barnes Lance Henze Drew Triplett Kaitlyn Way Nicholas ... more

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