Altru Announcements

  • Are You Prepared In The Event Of A Forgotten Password?
    In the event that you forget your password, Altru allows users to reset this password themselves. This blog post will walk you through some best practices and steps so that you can reset your password as quickly as possible and continue working through your tasks for the day! With Single Sign On coming on the  Altru Roadmap , Altru will allow a single sign ... more

Altru Tips and Tricks

  • Optimize Altru’s Major Giving To Fundraise Like An MVP
    With holiday season in full effect, there are several certainties we can all count on. Unavoidable carbohydrates. The annual national debate about Starbucks cup designs. And, one of my favorites, football. It is ubiquitous. At nearly every family gathering, there is likely at least one person who insists upon watching the game.   Yes, football is my ... more