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Back In The Groove

In the early days of recording music, Alexander Graham Bell (I know, right?) devised the use of a wax cylinder to capture sound in a bit more sustainable fashion than Thomas Edison had devised in 1877. This wax cylinder had grooves cut into it that retained sound for playback.

The cliché in the groove is credited to have come into use in the 1920s as a nod to the grooves in those wax cylinders. If you’re in the groove, you are performing well, or getting back on track and beginning to perform well. (Sources: in the groove and Wikipedia)

It’s hard to stay in the groove when faced with tasks you don’t accomplish every day. For us guest services types, processing refunds, batch printing tickets, and rescheduling a patron’s attendance may not be in our daily wheelhouse.

Did you know you can reschedule a patron if she can’t make the original scheduled program time? In Sales, click Reschedule Tickets, search for the order or patron name, and select the new date and time.

Want to learn or refresh on more of those tasks you don’t perform every day? Blackbaud University’s new class Altru: Streamlining Guest Services Operations can get you in the groove. During this three-hour instructor-led session you’ll learn tasks such as ticket printing and scanning, refunds and rescheduling, and end-of-day drawer functions.

Altru: Streamlining Guest Services Operations is free with your Learn More training subscription. Not a Learn® subscriber? Chat with us now to find out how a subscription can help you keep in communication with your patrons!

Posted by Mary Aquino on Sep 11, 2018 2:03 PM America/New_York

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