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Learning About Learning

According to Wikipedia, compulsory education began in Prussia around 1800. It’s hard to believe the requirement to learn in a structured environment is merely a 19th century thing. In the U.S., schools themselves were around in the 17th century but learning in general was done mostly through community – by family or the religious community. School learning was reserved for the more affluent in society.

Something I’ve always loved about working for Blackbaud is that I learn something every day. Learning is elemental to me. I’m the daughter of two educators so my mantra has always been learning is living. Whether you’re learning about technology, art, engineering, or maybe just some little tidbit like when compulsory education began. When I look back over the past twenty-odd years, that means I’ve learned a lot during my tenure at Blackbaud. And as I look ahead, I am excited to think there’s still more learning in front of me.

Whether the idea of learning is exciting or frightening to you, the fact remains that learning itself is vital to your success with Blackbaud software. Even if you have been using Altru for a while, there’s always a tip or a trick you can pick up by attending an instructor-led class. Blackbaud University is continually seeking ways to keep our classes updated and full of the best practices in using the software that powers your mission.

With that in mind, we’ve updated and enhanced our Altru Fundamentals series of courses for 2019, packing the two newest courses with discussion points, tips for best using Altru, and as always, a chance to network with your peers in a structured virtual environment. While you don’t have to start over with the Fundamentals if you’ve already completed the classes, you may still pick up something new by attending. If you’re a Learn® training subscriber, the classes are included in your Learn More subscription. Not a Learn subscriber? Find out more about Learn and chat with a representative today!

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Altru: Fundamentals—Entering and Maintaining Constituent and Revenue Records
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Start your year off with some 21st century learning!
Posted by Mary Aquino on Dec 3, 2018 8:52 AM America/New_York

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Thank you!  I appreciate knowing the training resources that are available.
  • Posted Tue 26 Mar 2019 03:41 PM EDT