API Authentication Updates Coming In Altru 5.28 8925

API Authentication Updates Coming In Altru 5.28


Altru upgrades are starting soon. For those of you who use custom applications that integrate with Altru, the upcoming release includes an important security update. As part of this update, all API requests must now include an Altru database name.

Recommended actions:

  • Partners and developers — We recommend you review existing integrations and customizations to verify that an Altru database name is included in your requests. To see a code sample that includes a database name, see the Authentication and Authorization developer guide on our Altru API for Partners resource site.

  • Altru customers with custom apps and integrations — It’s possible that no action is needed. However, if your API integration no longer connects after the upgrade, notify your integration partner and reference this update.

For more information about the change, visit Knowledgebase.

News Blackbaud Altru® Blog 03/09/2023 11:00am EST

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