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What's New In Altru 5.29


Altru upgrades are starting soon. This release includes several new features such as the ability to change the patron on a group sales order, features to help you respect an individual's opt-out requests, and more password enhancements for web form users. Plus, Altru now supports SKY API®!

Change the patron on a group sales order
To give you more flexibility when managing group reservations, you can now change the patron on a group sales order.

Respect individual and universal opt-out signals
To help your organization comply with data privacy laws, it's now easier to:
  • Record and respect individual opt-out signals.
  • Recognize and respect universal opt-out signals.
Connect custom applications with SKY API
To extend the functionality of Altru and do more with your constituents and fundraising efforts, Altru now supports the use of SKY API endpoints. Your organization can use applications created by Blackbaud, providers in the Blackbaud Marketplace, someone at your organization, or other approved external developers.

Web form password enhancements
We made several enhancements to further improve the experience for web form users when setting (or resetting) their passwords.

For more information, check out What's New. Your organization will receive an email with the specific date of your upgrade.
News Blackbaud Altru® Blog 05/31/2023 3:45pm EDT

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Is it possible request an update window to avoid any changes just before a large member event?