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The Buzz: November 17, 2021


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Happy Wednesday, Blackbaud Community,

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Each week, we aim to bring you a little closer to one of our Blackbaud Community super users (AKA Ninjas).
This week, we’d like to introduce Susan Chomsky, Donor relations and Database Manager at Forgotten Harvest.


What area are you in (geographically) and why do you love it?
Forgotten Harvest is in Southeast Michigan, and we are now in the fall season.  The trees are exploding in color, and we have numerous outdoor recreational areas where we can enjoy the views. Michiganders often use their hands to identify places in Michigan, we're also known as the Mitten State.  Michigan is rich with lakes and freshwater beaches, and we have a variety of industries, diverse opportunities and a sense community in our people and culture.

What do you enjoy about the Blackbaud Community?
I love our Blackbaud Community Groups for the way they encourage me to grow professionally. I especially like to connect with other users that present solutions to problems I am struggling with or ideas that I can immediately use to work more efficiently in RE NXT. The feedback for discussions is timely, insightful, thoughtful, and shared in a way that is a great resource for everyone.

What is something that you never thought you’d enjoy at your current job that gets you up and motivates you now?
The food rescue space is meaningful and impactful.  I love being a part of the solution to reduce food insecurity in Southeast Michigan. I know that every night, regardless of frustrations or challenges, when my head hits the pillow, someone was able to get a meal because of the work we do. 

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Development Officer – South Dakota Mines CARA

Development Associate – Idyllwild Arts Academy

Database Specialist – Erlanger Foundation

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I love the look of "stunned surprise" as he points to the word Budget!

Huh. So I know I saw the motorcycle, @Ray Bergman, but I just straight up ignored it. Like “Yup, there's a motorcycle. Whatever. That's totally normal. Nothing weird there. So about this budget meeting…”

I like to believe that he just hopped on the motorcycle and high-tailed it out of this unexpected budget meeting. Because I'm not sure that a motorcycle easel was approved for this presentation, sir.

That's awesome, @Susan Chomsky! What y'all do to address hunger/food insecurity is important and powerful. You keep up the good work.

Also, I love the photo at the top of the page. The gentleman at the white board with the rad floral shirt. I like that shirt!

TY Chris!