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NetCommunity 7.1 SP3 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of NetCommunity 7.1 SP3.
A key highlight is Enhanced Communication Consent –  As the nonprofit world prepares for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to go into effect in May of this year, Blackbaud has been consulting with a wider range of data protection and privacy authorities, customers, and legal authorities to develop expertise in this space. Our learnings have enabled us to develop solutions that combine data compliance with fundraising best practices. In concert with the new consent features in Raiser’s Edge 7 patch 8, Blackbaud has implemented several enhancements in Service Pack 3 to configure and collect consent for communciations on most Blackbaud NetCommunity forms.  We are committed to providing our clients with the ability to gather consent provided to you by your supporters and recording that information on their constituent records in Raiser’s Edge 7.  
We have added a NEW Communication Consent part which will enable you to easily capture communication consent on your Blackbaud NetCommunity forms. You can configure one – or more – consent parts to include any consent channels or categories that have been configured in Raiser’s Edge 7 patch 8.

Your organization can use this new part to collect explicit consent from your supporters regarding how they want to receive communication from you. With this new functionality, you can include a Communication Consent part on any of the following forms in Blackbaud NetCommunity:
  • Donation Form
  • Event Registration Form (Classic)
  • Events Registration Form
  • User Login Form
  • User Email Preferences Form
  • Payment 2.0 Form (This form supports consent for all transactions types: donations, event registrations and memberships)
  • Membership Form
  • Profile Form
  • Email Signup
Note: The Communication Consent part cannot be used standalone outside of the above forms.
To collect explicit consent on any of the above forms, you must edit the part to select which communication consent part to include, and whether you would like it to display inline with the other fields on the form or in an overlay prior to the form submission. For example, if you are an EU client and are collecting consent for many different communication channels, you may want to visually separate the options by displaying them in an overlay. If you have only one option, such as an email opt-in, you may choose to display the option inline to your other option.


                           Inline Example                                                                                         Overlay Example
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Note: The Communication Consent part is only available in NetCommunity if you are already upgraded to Raiser's Edge 7 patch 8 as the consent options need to be first configured in RE7.

When users submit the form, their Raiser’s Edge constituent record is updated with their communication consent preferences automatically.

We hope these features make collecting consent a (mostly) stress-free process. To learn more about how to configure consent, including special things to consider when planning your strategy, check out the NetCommunity section on Blackbaud’s GDPR hub.
For more details on what’s included in NetCommunity 7.1 Service Pack 3, please see the New Features Guide.
NetCommunity 7.1 SP3 is available on the downloads page and will be deployed in Blackbaud hosting over the next few weeks. As always, your organization will be notified by email 72 hrs before Blackbaud hosting is scheduled to update your site.

Pallavi Paranjape
Product Manager - Blackbud NetCommunity

Posted by Pallavi Paranjape on Mar 12, 2018 11:17 AM America/New_York