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Benjamin Thurber
I'm in a new position, working for an organization that uses NetCommunity for all of our fundraising appeal ...
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John Coburn
Just a heads up for anyone looking to switch on PayPal integration in BBNC, only to find that GIFT AMOUNT and PAYMENT ...
Leticia VillalonSoler
Hello! Our organization is reevaluating NetCommunity. Our website was previously built on BBNC, but we've ...
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Lorrie Parent
This list of sent and failed acknowledgements from NetCommunity is fantastic! One problem and one suggestion ...
Lorrie Parent Jul '22
Kelly Hatton
I'm looking for feedback and recommendations for NetCommunity Consultants. We've worked with both of the ...
Kelly Hatton Jun '22
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Thom Boivin
We've implemented reCAPTCHA, which works well on our BBNC payment-related forms and user sign-up. This ...
Thom Boivin Apr '22
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Hi Thom

We also hit issue with spam a while back and I enquired with BB Support on how to deal with it with reCAPTCHA, ...

Candy Reichert
When can we expect the Wallet option/Paypal to become available in NetCommunity Blackbaud Checkout???
Candy Reichert Feb '22
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Candy - Thanks for your question. We are looking at the work required now and would like to see in product mid-year. ...

Scott Kadera
Hi, we want to change the view of our event calendar part to list view. However, it defaults to today's events and we ...
Scott Kadera Jan '22
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Hi Scott!

This is Miranda with Blackbaud NetCommunity Support. Defaulting that Date Range drop-down to “Next 4 ...

Keturah Bardouille
Any one else experiencing this?
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Hi Keturah,

You may want to check out this Bounced Email article that details the different kinds of bounced emails ...

Keturah Bardouille
Good afternoon, I hope you may be able to help me. We've been experiencing schedule email sends failing since we ...

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