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    NetCommunity 7.1 SP5 Release Announcement
    We are pleased to announce that NetCommunity 7.1 Service Pack 5 is now available. Key Highlights from the latest release of NetCommunity include: Dontion 2.0 enhancements As of this release, the Donation Form - Mini (Beta) has been renamed and is now called Donation 2.0. We have added the ability to accept Recurring gifts using Donation 2.0. The part ... more

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    Are You Listening to Your Donors?
    I recently started to think my phone was listening to my calls and reading my texts. Ads for community events began to appear in my news feed. Was this because I texted a friend about volunteering more? Or was it because I talked to my daughter about helping our community? I quickly realized I was a part of a local targeted content strategy from a recent ... more
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