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NetCommunity Announcements

  • Upcoming Quarterly Webinars
    The Blackbaud NetCommunity Support team will again be offering two free webinars during the month of February as part of our quarterly webinar series!  The webinars will be ideal for new users who have not created an Event or Donation Form, and for users who would like to edit the settings with an existing Form in NetCommunity. Registration is ... more

NetCommunity Tips and Tricks

  • Springtime In NetCommunity
    Spring is almost here! Just as the season change provides some basic joys— warm sun , budding flowers , and new life — Blackbaud NetCommunity provides some basic elements of your organizational success: online presence , email communication , and content creation . Think this is a stretch? Let me explain. Warm sun is like online presence because it’s ... more

Upcoming Events