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Leah Heit
Can anyone share their set up of acknowledgment letters for soft credits? Right now I have it set to pull on both the ...
Leah Heit 11d
We do letters from within each gift, so I open the gift, open the soft credit's record behind it in another window, ...
Jo Dann
Hiya! I'm interested to find out how others are managing recurring gift activity via the EFT module. We are fairly ...
Jo Dann 20d
Hi Jo Dann,

We use Online Express donation forms for recurring EFTs. Our donors only have one option, which is ...
Ruijie Li
I've noticed that when I add a css sheet it adds it to the main site, is it possible to add a css sheet only a specific ...
Ruijie Li Mar '21
Is this code that may need to be used on more than one page in the future/ If so, consider adding the code to an ...
Rhonda Minton
Curious if anyone is experiencing problems with Safari browser? I have two event registration forms that work ...
Rhonda Minton Mar '21
I think RE works best with Chrome and Firefox. Safari isn't ideal for it. Even Internet Explorer would be better ...
Kristy Henry
Hello everyone - can you share pros and cons of using BBNC vs the NXT Marketing Email functionality? We used to use ...
Kristy Henry Mar '21
Discussion moved to BBNC forums. Thanks!
Lauren Ballew
We use the Solicitor Goal summary to track volunteer missionaries' fundraising goals, and in RE7, we exported the ...
Lauren Ballew Mar '21
Angela Tuttle
Has anyone had issues when going to a new computer/laptop? The old laptop worked fine and it was cleaned and new hard ...
Angela Tuttle Feb '21
We have a fix! It was the monitor!
James Penix
We have BBNC donation forms that we want to ensure donors are not specifying payment dates outside of our campaign ...
James Penix Feb '21
Ilene Parlin
Our IT team is running into some challenges with the steps noted for Single Sign-On with NetCommunity. I wanted to ...
Ilene Parlin Feb '21
Robyn Smith
Good Morning! Last year we had to disable our home-grown alumni directory and are now looking at creating an alumni ...
Robyn Smith Feb '21

I have moved this forum post from the Help Forum to the NetCommunity in hopes of getting more product specific ...