NetCommunity Announcements

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    Action Required For LinkedIn Single Sign-On
    What is happening? LinkedIn has new mandatory login requirements. In December 2018, LinkedIn  announced  that it would be making changes to its Sign In APIs that included shutting off their V1 APIs and disabling the use of OAuth1. These changes impact any NetCommunity customer who enabled single sign-on using LinkedIn in their Janrain dashboard. ... more

NetCommunity Tips and Tricks

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    Integrating with Raiser's Edge
    What good is a camera without a lens? Not much, I suppose. Likewise, what can you really do with just a lens and no camera? Sure, you can look through a lens, but without the camera to capture and store what you see, it’s just a fancy telescope.  In a way, your NetCommunity website and Raiser’s Edge database are similar. I mean, when you really think about it, a ... more