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    Explore The New Blackbaud NetCommunity Training Curriculum!
    Discover the New Blackbaud NetCommunity Training Curriculum! Tuesday, August 28 at 2:00 p.m. ET Keeping in step with the ever-changing technology of the Internet and the exciting new Blackbaud NetCommunity features and options, Blackbaud University proudly presents our new Blackbaud NetCommunity training curriculum.  We started from scratch ... more

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    From Birthday Parties To Fundraisers: Creating Successful Events
    I recently planned my daughter’s fourth birthday party. And as a highly organized person, this was quite a task for me. I had to figure out who to invite, where it was going to be, when to have the party, and if I wanted guests to bring my daughter a gift. Because she certainly needed more toys. As an organization, planning your events may seem just as tedious. ... more