Chrome 80 Cookie Cross Site Restriction Alert For Social Sign On 6442

Chrome 80 Cookie Cross Site Restriction Alert For Social Sign On

Google have made an update to cross-site cookie standards as part of an ongoing effort to improve data privacy and security (see Chromium blog). The new standards go live with Chrome 80 on February 4, 2020.  What’s changing on February 4th is that cross-site (a.k.a. third-party) cookies must explicitly declare themselves as cross-site and use HTTPS exclusively (details). Blackbaud has identified a potential issue for Blackbaud Internet Solutions and Blackbaud NetCommunity with Social Sign On which prevents new users from getting created via Social Sign On and current Social Sign On users from logging in. We are currently working with Janrain/Akamai support who are investigating the behavior and will be providing us with an update soon. In the meantime we advise alerting external users who access the product via Social Sign On to use Chrome Legacy or an alternative browser. We will provide an update as soon as we have the information from our partner Akamai.
News Blackbaud NetCommunity™ Blog 01/31/2020 1:29pm EST

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Corey Eck Corey Eck Feb '20
UPDATE: We have worked with our partner, Janrain/Akamai, to make any necessary updates. All required updates have been made and there should be no issues with Social Sign-on after the Chrome 80 update. Please let us know if you run into issues!