Updates to Blackbaud Checkout in NetCommunity 6598

Updates to Blackbaud Checkout in NetCommunity


What has changed?
In NetCommunity 7.2 Service Pack 1, Blackbaud made changes to improve the usability and security of Blackbaud Checkout. You can learn more about new features in our releases here or learn more about Blackbaud Checkout here.
What does this mean?
As of NetCommunity 7.2 Service Pack 1, all NetCommunity page parts that accept a payment will utilize the updated Blackbaud Checkout. You can still continue to use Blackbaud Checkout in earlier versions, but after April 1, 2020, Blackbaud will no longer be maintaining or updating Blackbaud Checkout in those earlier versions of NetCommunity. Should you discover an issue related to Checkout in a version lower than 7.2 SP1, it will not be fixed and you will need to upgrade to the latest version.

What actions do I need to take?
If you are hosted by Blackbaud then there is no action needed! We’ll take care of it! If not, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to NetCommunity 7.2 Service Pack 1 to experience the best that Blackbaud Checkout has to offer and ensure you are on a the fully supported version.

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