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  • Keep Calm
    Organize, Don't Agonize In 2019
    Huzzah! The Holiday season has officially begun and I for one couldn’t be more excited. I say give me all the pumpkin, nutmeg, eggnog EVERYTHING! Between the good food, the good friends and the good times I am as happy as can be. There is one thing however that gnaws at the back of my mind while I’m gnawing down on some turkey: the mounting pile of work and tight ... more
  • BBU 5.18
    Celebrating Our August And September Certified Community Members!
    We've had quite a few community members become Fundamentals certified in the last couple of months, and it's time for a shout out to them!    Jonathan Bate  Stacey Brown  Daisy Chan  Xia Chen  Henry Choy  Christy Costello  Christy Dearinger  Julie Decker  Angela Dobson  Bill Foss  Lucy Ha  Jaime Harmeyer  Karena Heredia  Fabiola Huerta  Angela ... more

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