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Debbie Jackson
We imported AR records (credits) into BB. How can we find/delete these records? We cannot figure it out!

@Debbie Jackson
usually the best way to collect them all is a query for the record type. For Criteria , I'd used Date ...

Katy Ripp
Hi! We have anywhere from 8-10 custom fields on each transaction line of some of our batches that consist 10s to ...
Matt Paolini
New NXT user and I can't figure out how to upload budgets, I've read this a few times and I just don't see the ...

@Matt Paolini
Hi, you are confusing 2 different thing here.

The link you were reading has to do with Financial Edge ...

Kelsey Emerick
Our grantors are asking for a gl detail report of our expenses on each request for reimbursement that we send to ...

@Kelsey Emerick
YOu can use a transaction query for that. In the criteria , go to the last section called ...

Nancy Loncarich
Is there any way we can be notified when someone is going over their budget? For example, when our AP person is ...

@Nancy Loncarich
IN the Payables business rules, in general section you can define the budget you want to use for ...

Angela Davis
Anybody not seeing their banks under Treasury today?

@Angela Davis
Same here, I'm not seeing list of banks under Treasury!

John Blasi
My Treasury dropdown screen is blank in FE NXT. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

@John Blasi I'm experiencing the same

John Fodor
Has anyone gotten a clear understanding of what is happening to the Depreciation Methods? We got an email that said ...

@John Fodor
Here is what the Help inside FENXT shows when on the Depreication Methods :

Available depreciation ...

Andrea Manion
I do not see an Admin page under General Ledger in order to hard close a fiscal period? I can access the fiscal years ...

@Andrea Manion
Currently it should be in database view : GL>Administration>Close Fiscal years.

Now that ...

Sabrina Wong
Can I still make changes after a credit card transaction that has been approved?