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    Celebrating our May 2020 Certified Community Members
    It's time to give a big Community round of applause to our friends who have become Financial Edge certified this month! Mario De Labra Christina Kujanpaa Barb Hellman Christina Fan Pam Garrett Luis Perez Jerri Mitchell Maryann Amsinger Julie Randall Megan Westrum Eliana Isufi Shane Stutzman Pam Hicks Lynn Detwiler Lisa DeGori Allyson Thain Linda ... more
  • bbu
    Celebrating our April 2020 Certified Community Members
    Hope you are all beginning to think of spring....let's take a moment to give a virtual pat on the back to our community members who certified in April! Tina Pappas Kay Lynn Cammack Tanisha Bates Leslie Mabray Julie Decker Michelle Miller Patrick Merryman Susan Gurak Valerie Lewis Amanda Kostyk Evelyn Saavedra Gina Cox Lori Kriner Elaine Bartlow ... more

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