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  • bbu
    Celebrating our February Certified Community Members!
    It's my favorite day of the month - the day when I get to say CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who are now Fundamentals certified in Financial Edge! Well done, everyone! Leigh Schaefers Andrea Elliott Jamie Lundien Roma Cruz Brian Bonin Jennifer Chester Ann Ray Tina Viramontez Tara Anson David Sanchez Charley Finsel Jacque Barretto Ryan Heimann Kelly ... more
  • bbu
    Celebrating our January 2020 Certified Community Members
    It's February and that means it's time to celebrate our January certified users! Big round of applause!! Robin Waldinger Ethan Macaulay Rose Cyphert MaryAnn Coyle Icy DuCreay Kendell Burroughs Lisa Mittel Zoe Schwam Christina Goff Annmarie Mahler Chrystal West Becky Mehlhoff Mitchell Magiera Asha Wright Becky Gunn Cheryl Amey Beth Anthony Rena ... more