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Chris Fies
What is the best report writing software to work with FE?
Betty Lopey
why can't I see my Invoice after I voided the payment
Kelsey Davis
Hello, We are getting ready to go live and make our FE system our system of record but feel the need to make a policies ...
We are in the same position and getting ready to go live July 1, but start testing in March. I would be interested in ...
Angela Tuttle
Hi! I am balancing RE to FE and I am close except for stock that has been sold. I only want to count the sale amount. I do ...
While some RE users do this balancing, I'm wondering if you might get more response by posting in FE forums if you ...
Mattia Giaccio
Hello, I just recently started a new position and they never set up before the statement of cash flow. I have a ...
I'd look at your audited statements and set up the cash flows to mirror it. That way you are always apples to apples!
Erin Hall
When a user creates an invoice request through expense management and they enter in details in the Expense ...
I 100% agree. The data needs to follow or the field needs to be removed!
Betty Lopey
donation deposited in the bank, but got returned for NSF. How do I book in FE nxt. Should I do a JE?
Our FE and RE are linked so in this case we would zero out/adjust the gift in RE, commit the RE batch and pull through ...
Emily Bastow
Hi All, We are wanting to see a report of credit card activity by user sorted by expense categories and then use this ...
Rena Lolley
This became an issue a little over a year ago and even though we have found a work-around for it - I am wondering if ...
I totally agree - should not be a big issue to correct and definitely should not have taken this long - very ...
John Davis
Trying to void a payment and charge after they have been reconciled.
If the payment was checked off for reconciling, you won't be able to void it. If it is an outstanding item, you should ...


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