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    Celebrating Our Newest Certified Community Members!
    We've had quite a few community members become Fundamentals certified in the last couple of months, and it's time for a shout out to them!    Deborah Anderson  Mustafa Muhammad Ashraf  Jeff Bartholomay  Kristan Batterson  Renette Bayne Issaka  Jeanette Benavides  Tina Beyers  Amanda Bjornen  Julian Burnett  Michelle Carter  Tina Clark ... more
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    Better Cash Management
    We get a lot of questions about bank reconciliations. Surely there is a better way than manually reconciling, line by line, your bank statement with your ledger, right? The answer is YES when you use Cash Management in Financial Edge. We, of course, don’t want you to miss out on this product feature and risk wasted time and energy, which is why we’ve put ... more