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  • CERTIFIED! Celebrating Our September/October Certified Community Members
    Fall is in the air (not really, I'm in the Carolinas and it's in the 80s here...) and with that crisp (*cough...not) weather, comes time to celebrate the newest group of certified Financial Edge Community Members! Fundamentals Certified Laura Avalos Nicholas Delisle Daniel Dunphy Magda Fraire Shannon Giannini Jay Haas Kris Jenkins Mary Jo Johnson ... more
  • Are You Certified?
    When I say certification – what first comes to mind? Maybe that delicious pastry you enjoyed prepared by a certified pastry chef? Or the project manager you worked with on a big project who was PMP certified? Certification such as PMP, or even CPA, gives a certain sense of expertise in a field and frequently instills a sense of confidence that the results ... more