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  • Summer Cleaning?
    We tend to think of cleaning as a byproduct of spring. As in spring cleaning —the familiar idiom for that time of year when we open our windows to let fresh air into the house and tidy up the mess that amassed during winter. I know I always grab a bucket and my scrub brush each spring and tackle making everything clean again. Even though it’s summer now, you can ... more
  • CERTIFIED! Celebrating Our May/June Certified Community Members
    It's that time again! Time to recognize our Community members that achieved Financial Edge Certification in the past four weeks. Financial Edge Fundamentals Certified Cynthia Almeida Nicole Bird Rosendo Cervantes Dorothy Clement Cory Daverman Connie Ekowicki Thomas Etherington Eric Kang Veena Khanna Brooke Niarchos Adrienne Simmons Karen ... more