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    Celebrating Our July Certified Community Members
    Happy Friday Everyone!  It's that time again! Let's give a big shout out to our community member friends who are now Financial Edge Fundamentals Certified! Julie Jurosic Alison Munson Lisa Grooms Sara Deur Jennifer Cody Murphy Joachim LaValley Christine Spaulding Jason Brown Angela Carlson Heather Hoagland Kim Wolcott Dwight Heaney Sheri Neal ... more
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    Exciting Changes to Your Learn® Subscriptions
    Ready to learn the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective processes for producing optimal results for your work efforts? Interested in learning about the latest social good trends? And would you like to provide that training to everyone on your staff—even if they are not Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT users? Then we’ve got good news! Your ... more

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