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  • bbu
    CrossFit and Advanced Query
    Almost a year ago, I decided I needed to challenge my 56-year-old body and step up my fitness game. That may seem not noteworthy except it might be important to know that I’m not athletic at all. I’ve worked out fairly unregularly over the past 15–20 years, but I can’t say that I am a habitually active person. I might say that if I didn’t have a stand-desk, I’d ... more
  • bbu
    Are Your AR Goals On Track?
    A few years back, SMART goals were all the rage. The idea of not just setting goals but of how to set goals, work toward achieving them, and measuring the progress toward goals was a thing. Maybe it still is, but I don’t seem to hear about SMART goals as much as I used to. However, the idea of staying on track or actually setting a track for your financial health ... more

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