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  • Tax Filing Reminders
    As the month draws to a close your quickest filing options are to either efile or use the Aatrix complete efile service. You can find filing deadlines for those items here, W2 and 1099 .   For paper forms here is a reminder on how they look this year:   1099’s - 1099-MISC forms will now print to blank tax forms paper, a specialty paper constructed with specific ... more
  • Processing Your 1094/1095 Forms
    Welcome back to our Tax Season blog! …Now, where were we? Oh yes! We were moving onto processing those 1094s and 1095s… First time processing these? If so, I would definitely recommend checking out our video on this process here .  NOTE : If you have all of your ACA info in the system already, you can skip to minute 16:04 in the video. As you may have noticed, ... more

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