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  • 1094 1095 tips
    Processing Your 1094/1095 Forms
    Our Tax Season blogs continue with processing those 1094s and 1095s! Now, if this is your first time processing these, I would definitely recommend checking out our video on this process here .  NOTE : If you have all of your ACA info in the system already, skip to minute 16:04 in the video. If you processed ACA's last year, you know the beginning of the ACA ... more
  • Tax Season W2
    W-2s: Y'all Ready For This?
    Hard to believe we’ve moved past mid-January and W-2s are on the horizon! We have some great, detailed blogs and knowledgebase solutions ‘aplenty on W-2s, but let’s run through a quick refresher…all in under 60 seconds...  Ready? Here we go…    If printing, do you have the right W-2 forms? Or do you need to order forms?   Has Aatrix been installed and/or ... more