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Samantha Christen
Hi there! What AP Automation software do you think works best with FE NXT? I know PaperSave is popular but we've also ...
We currently us PaperSave but not the OCR .
Elliot Besmann
Hello - I am my organization's Raiser's Edge person, but am new to working with Financial Edge integration. For ...
We always make sure the adjustment date and the adjusted GL post date is the same.  We always use the current date for ...
Patrick Lunn
So, this is a pretty simple suggestion - I'd be surprised if no one has ever brought this up. My orgs have active ...
Laura Garnett
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I have 2 entities set up in NXT. One gives me the option to name an attachment a W9 the other does not. Does anyone know ...
if you have the database version, you can setup the table in the Configuration, for the different types of ...
Deb Foos
We are cleaning up our fixed asset listing and find that several assets have been disposed of (physically) ...
Angela Tuttle
Hi! I need your help!  Has anyone needed to void a reconciled payment? How did you handle it?  Thanks! Angela 
Robin Waldinger
Which way did you go?
We went with PrimePay because we were "almost" signed up with IOIPay when we learned of the business shenanigans ...
Austin Brecht
Hey all, has anyone repeatedly encountered this issue? Whenever our company gets a new corporate credit card ...
Yes, we are also struggling with linking our credit card and appointing a delegate. The situation is the same, but ...
Gloria Manzenberger
How do you spoil a group of checks that were printed on accidentally.
Patrick Farrell
Has anyone had issues printing checks in FENXT?  We have a user that tries to print a paper check in FENXT using IE ...
We have issues printing checks from the database view.


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