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  • BBU Grad
    Financial Edge Fundamentals & Professional Certifications For 2018
    A great part of my career has been spent at Blackbaud, working with Blackbaud nonprofit accounting software in many different versions (I remember DOS!). In the past, it’s been difficult for me to show how proficient I am in the Blackbaud software I’ve used, supported, and taught. Now, with Financial Edge Certification, I can clearly indicate my ... more
  • BBU Grad
    Relaxation, Reflection, Restriction – Wait, What?
    Now that the busy season is over, your mind might turn to some other pressing issues— summer vacation and the recent FASB ASU 2016-14 . Hopefully in that order. Let’s tackle them in that order.  Summer vacation It’s late spring and Mother Nature has been confused a lot this year, so you may want some time away. I’ve got two suggestions—head for either ... more