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Carlin Cole
Welcome to 2021!  A common question we see this time of year is when the end-of-year patch will be applied.  The ...
Question - I need to send 1099 MISC to attorneys that we paid.  But FE/Aatrix put the MISC and the NEC all in one ...
Dee Crosby
I'm ready to print my 1099 NEC forms and to my surprise the forms required must be 4-UP rather than 2-UP.  So sad!
Briana Giasullo
I am using Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT -- the patch 38 has been installed with the new 1099-NEC forms and we are good ...
Hi Briana,

We are aware of and are currently working on an issue where the updated box descriptions are ...
Joan White
Our organization has a payroll that will be paid on 1/8/2021. I looked in the knowledgebase and I see that the tax ...
Carlin Cole
Last week we had a chance to share the upcoming changes in Financial Edge patch 38 around the new 1099-NEC forms.  In ...
Carlin Cole Dec '20

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