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Marbella Pleitez
We have printed out the 1099s forms, but we are pending to print out the 1096s forms. When I click display form only 11 ...
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Laura Garnett
How do we get it to print on actual forms? It is printing blank paper option so it is printing all the lines over ...
Laura Garnett Jan '24
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@Laura Garnett
I am having the same issue. I ended up e-filing the IRS copy but still can't print the recipient copy ...

Jen Ocampo
We have a 1099 vendor who is not showing up in the 1099 vendor activity report nor 1099 Forms. His set up mirrors other ...
Jen Ocampo Jan '22
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same here.

Michelle Nielsen
hello, is anyone else having issues with vendor names printing twice on the 1099?
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@Michelle Nielsen
Is yours now requiring First and Last name? Mine is and they are not prepopulated.

Jessica Dolan
Hello all, I was test driving the 1099 Processing Wizard, and I noticed a box called “Filing State.” It looks like ...
Jessica Dolan Jan '22
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Mary Hart Mary Hart Dec '22

@Jessica Dolan
It should be the organization's filing state.

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