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Tammy Anderson
We have a vendor who performed her services in November and Dec of 2022 and her invoices were entered in to be paid. ...
Tammy Anderson Mar '23
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@Tammy Anderson 1099s are based on cash payments similar to W-2s. If they were not paid until 2023, they should not ...

Kerry Azzarello
Can anyone recommend a CPA firm that knows Blackbaud FE and can perform a financial audit and prepare tax returns? ...
Kerry Azzarello Mar '23
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@Kerry Azzarello What type of organization do you work for? Our auditors actually are provided access to FE NXT. We ...

Dena  Gilman
I am trying to run a test on 1099's and I have some companies who's TIN is not pulling in on the grid. What could be ...
Dena Gilman Jan '23
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Barbara Klose
In using the Aatrix wizard to preview my 2022 1099 forms, I'm getting the error message below. We do not withhold any ...
Barbara Klose Dec '22

@Barbara Klose
Overriding Aatrix errors for the 1099 state.pdf The way we have always handled these type of errors ...

Dee Crosby
I'm ready to print my 1099 NEC forms and to my surprise the forms required must be 4-UP rather than 2-UP.  So sad!
Dee Crosby Jan '21
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What was your outcome? Did you get different forms or find a way around. I too have two forms per page
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How to Process 1099's