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MacKenzie Rhea
When trying to print my 1099s through FE, they keep on printing the words "Record Copy, Do not File".  How do I print ...
MacKenzie Rhea Jan '19
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Are you e-filing your 1099's with Aatrix?  If so, they will print and mail them, so I think that's why it there is the ...
Angela Fencl
Is anyone having issues with the 1099 -NEC process delivering a form that does not match the IRS approved form? It's ...
Angela Fencl Jan '22
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Same issue. I don't know what to do.

Jen Ocampo
We have a 1099 vendor who is not showing up in the 1099 vendor activity report nor 1099 Forms. His set up mirrors other ...
Jen Ocampo Jan '22
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same here.

Toni Myckowiak
Since when are we limited to only alphanumeric characters in a 1099 vendor name? Aatrix is kicking these out during ...
Toni Myckowiak Jan '22
I found the same to be true. I corrected all of mine in accounts payable as Aartix pulls from that in information. ...
Michelle Nielsen
would anyone know where I can find the Electronic Consent form for the Aatrix filing. this is for the vendor to ...
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