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Russ Tanner
I work with a for-profit private school that is trying to find ways to streamline the re-enrollment process for ...
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Christopher Brons
I am trying to figure out how a promissory note works in TM in its relation to the GL. The promissory note is being paid ...
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Bryan Lorenzo
Our parents are seeing the following message then they log into Does anyone know the ...
Hi Bryan Lorenzo

The URLs will redirect 1st week of December and the updates are planned to go live in January.

Hope ...
Ginger Cuellar
We are new to SMART Tuition and recently had our site orientation call. I was very surprised by the last page on the ...
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We do not offer the invoice option. All our payments are scheduled automatically withdrawn from families ...
Sylvie Shamlian
It would be very helpful to have the name of the auto debit of an account listed in additon to the existing account ...
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Please cancel. Did not know that we had to pay.

Thank you
Victoria Wiegand
It would be extremely helpful to me if I have a “problem payer" parent, to receive an alert/email when they have made ...
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You'll want to head to the “Ideas” link (Ideas Bank) and see if this is already a suggestion there. Vote for it if it ...

Gabrielle Schneider
Will you be notifying families of the new branding name? Timeline?

Hi @Gabrielle Schneider ,

Here is a blog with more information about the branding changes.




Rebecca Howard
Has anyone figured out a report to pull to see what you have invoiced per day/month/quarter? After a heavy day of ...

I run an A/R Billing report to support our monthly billing and tie into what is posted to the GL at the end of the month. ...

Sandra Ross
We are looking for procedures regarding end of year processes in Tuition Management. i.e. timing of moving ...
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Joanne Galluccio
Hi, We am looking for a few School Users that would be willing to give us some feedback on the current parent payer ...
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Hi Joanne Galluccio ‍ - I’m happy to help!

Blog Posts

Parent Portal URL Updates 8078

With the Smart Tuition rebrand to Blackbaud Tuition Management, we have another new update to this project that we'd like to share.

Branding Updates for Smart Tuition and Smart Aid 7735

You may have already noticed a few changes recently, but now we're ready to officially announce the new names of Smart Tuition and Smart Aid and when you'll start seeing them throughout Blackbaud Education management.

Time Saving Enhancements: Managing User Accounts For Smart Tuition 7577

Our March 30 release features a number of enhancements for use accounts within Smart Tuition (Tuition management). Let's take a closer look at how you can save even more time!

Tuition followup: Goodbye robocalls, hello text messages 6906

At the end of June, Blackbaud Smart Tuition’s Follow Up Service will stop contacting families about overdue payments and service fees via automated robocalls and start using automated text messages instead. The robocall service will be discontinued on Tues. June 30, and the text message service will begin on Wed. July 1. What do I need to do? This ...