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Blackbaud CRM & BBIS SP17 Is Now Available...Again!

Blackbaud CRM & BBIS SP17 Is Now Available!

With the issues mentioned in our previous update resolved, we are happy to announce that the Q3 2018 Release of Blackbaud CRM & BBIS is available again. Service Pack 17 for version 4.0 is available on the Blackbaud downloads page.  

As a reminder, a few key highlights included in this release:
  • Additional advanced consent tracking capabilities  
  • BBIS Event Registration form Enhancements to optimize the registration process for single events

We also used this re-release as an opportunity to provide fixes for six items that were planned for an SP 17 hotfix.  These are:
Fix to address the effects of database connection limits.
Fix to address Blackbaud Internet Solutions records not linking to the corresponding Blackbaud CRM records. 
Fix to address an issue when processing payments via card swipe with a Bluefin device. 
Fix to address an issue with custom tabs and datalists on constituent records. 
Fix to address an issue with the Event Registration form where BBMS event transactions were not auto-reconciling. 
Fix to address an issue with the Transaction Manager page. 
  • For more information on these fixes and SP17, please visit:
Posted by Matt Crawford on Sep 13, 2018 5:09 PM America/New_York