New Feature Announcement: Blackbaud ID For Blackbaud CRM™ 8122

New Feature Announcement: Blackbaud ID For Blackbaud CRM™

With the release of Service Pack 29, we are excited to introduce Blackbaud CRM (BBCRM) customers to Blackbaud ID (BBID), our single sign-on (SSO) solution. BBID offers enhanced security and flexible access to your Blackbaud solutions, adhering to industry best practices by employing multifactor authentication, including email, text, and mobile authenticators. With BBID, you gain access to multiple Blackbaud solutions, including BBCRM, the Blackbaud Community, and your other Blackbaud applications through one set of login credentials.

Please note: Today, BBID is available to hosted customers only (hosted through a Blackbaud Datacenter or Blackbaud Cloud Operations).

We’ve also released a new omnibar, offering improved navigation between BBCRM environments and streamlined connectivity to other Blackbaud solutions. For example, if you subscribe to Financial Edge NXT in addition to BBCRM, you can easily toggle between these applications right from the omnibar without needing to log out or maintain multiple sets of credentials. You can also use the omnibar to navigate between BBCRM environments (Production, Test, etc.), manage BBID profiles, change passwords, view your organization’s calendar, and search.

BBID Availability
Service Pack 29 is required to enable BBID’s functionality; however, this is an “opt-in” release, meaning you are not required to adopt BBID at this time. That said, we strongly encourage you to do so given the security and flexibility benefits to your organization.

Integration Considerations
If you have integrations that connect to Blackbaud CRM in an automated manner (API, OData, or similar endpoints), these will require migration and testing with the adoption of BBID. If you have non-interactive user accounts in place for integrations, we’ve also provided tools to maintain these through active directory. More details on BBID and integrations are available in the resources below.

Ready to elevate your organization with BBID? Get started with Service Pack 29 today!


Overview of Blackbaud ID for BBCRM
Includes instructions on how to enable BBID and log in with SSO, details on migrating integrations, FAQs, and more.

Video Overview: Blackbaud ID for BBCRM
See BBID in action with this recorded presentation from Blackbaud’s 2021 Developer Drop-in.

Blackbaud ID FAQs
Answers to common questions regarding Blackbaud ID.

Single Sign-On Resources
Learn more about SSO with BBID, and how to configure, test, activate, and maintain SSO.

New Features Guide
Documents all features delivered in Service Pack releases, up to and including Service Pack 29.

BBCRM Administration Guide
Provides details for BBCRM administrators on Service Pack 29, including BBID, and previous Service Pack releases.

For additional information, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Blackbaud Support.

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