You get an assignment! And you get an assignment! And you! And you! 8012

You get an assignment! And you get an assignment! And you! And you!


We have exciting Assignment news to share with you, especially for those who want an easier way to create assignments for specific students.

Until recently, educators using Blackbaud didn’t have a straightforward way to create assignments for specific students in their classes. Whether this was for an IEP, extra credit, group projects, etc., creating separate assignments could cause frustration and confusion for faculty and students. Additionally, with the rise of hybrid and remote learning, it became even more important to assign particular assignments to selected students only. In early September, we released some new functionality in assignments to address this problem.

Faculty can now easily create assignments for specific students. This can be done while adding or editing an assignment. After filling out the required information for an assignment, educators will want to select the edit icon next to Full section under Publishing options.


This will open the Assign to pop-up. To start, faculty will need to select the Selected students option and this will populate a list of students for the selected course.


Educators can use the available check boxes to select students for the assignment. If a student has a Learning profile, this will be noted here with an LP indicator. This allows faculty to easily assign to students with learning profiles in the system. Once the appropriate students have been selected, faculty will need to select Save.

Educators can see these assignments from their Assignment Center. Under the Assigned to column instead of Full section, it will show # students. When selected, faculty can view the students selected for the assignment.


Finally, in the Gradebook for the class, educators will only be able to add grades and comments to the assignment for the selected students. The grade cells for the other students will be greyed out and cannot be selected.


Students will only see assignments they are assigned to in their Assignment Center. Student grades won’t be impacted if the assignment is not assigned to them. This new functionality will create a better experience for faculty and students. Now go forth and assign!

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