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Troubleshooting Tips for Report Card and Transcript Issues


December is almost here, which means schools are getting Report Cards and Transcripts ready. Here are some frequently asked questions and a few tips to help smooth out this process.

For many schools, December marks an end to the current school term, right before the holiday break kicks in. As such, there’s likely an uptick of Report Card and Transcript Builder usage, which also likely means a potential increase in the possibility of problems or questions that can arise.

In an effort to help schools during this hectic time, here are some solutions to some of the more common issues or questions we see.

How Can I Display Multiple Teachers on a Report Card?

Under Report Card Setup when editing a report card template, go to the design form step where you can add columns to the Courses/Groups grid option. From here, there are two separate column options for teachers: All teacher(s) and Head teacher. So, if you want multiple or all teachers to appear on the report card, you'll need to add an All teacher(s) column to the report card.

Can I Change From Landscape to Portrait (or vice versa)?

Yes, you can! For the new builder, under Getting started, you can change this option from Layout.

Can I Format the Text for my Report Card or Transcript?

Not all elements have this option. However, if you use a Text Area, this is possible. It comes with a WYSIWYG editor with font size, font family, text color, bold, italics, and more.

What does report card Display Order Mean?

Display Order dictates the order which report cards appear on student progress page, and in their academic profile. It does not control the sort order of report card templates within the Report Card Setup list.

Why Aren’t Grades/Credits Displayed on Report Cards and/or Transcripts?

As expected, there’s no simple answer to this question. There are numerous places to check inside of the Education management products that could cause things to not display on a Report Card or Transcript. Perhaps the grade is not between the min and max values set for the grade in the translation. We’ve also seen grades accidentally not added to the Report Card. It could also be a role issue where someone could have a teacher role and a parent role and they're seeing the grade because one of those roles has access even if the other does not.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. If you’re looking for additional help, definitely have a look at our online help as well as our Academics FAQ page with even more answers and tips for dealing with Report Card/Transcript issues. In addition, our talented support squad is standing by if needed.

Make sure to join me next week as we take our monthly look back, this time at everything we launched and updated for the Education management products in the month of November. See you then!

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