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New App Marketplace Apps For Supporter Engagement

The Blackbaud App Marketplace has two new apps that boost supporter engagement through your phone!

contactSPACE Supporter Engagement by contactSPACE

Engage supporters with an auto dialing solution that enables you to make quality contact, at scale. Whether making calls for the purposes of fundraising, asking for volunteers, or simply managing supporter care, contactSPACE wants to help you call the right contacts for a quality conversation that's intuitive and easy to use.

Learn more about contactSPACE Supporter Engagement

OutreachCircle by VoterCircle, Inc.

OutreachCircle’s affinity texting enables staff or volunteers to quickly text donors from their own personal phone number. And there are no per-message fees. Leverage this integration to automatically pull in lists directly from Raiser's Edge NXT to Outreach Circle.

Learn more about OutreachCircle

Do you know what it means to connect an app?

Connecting is just the first step in enabling an app to extend the functionality of your Blackbaud solutions. You then need to work with the app publisher to complete their set up steps. 

Also, when you connect an app, it does not have access to your Blackbaud data yet. If it wants to access your data, it still has to ask for consent first. Consent is given on a per user basis and the app can only access data that the consenting user can access. 

After you connect an app, you then need to contact the app publisher for next steps and to discuss fees. No payment is given or promised at the time you connect, it just initiates your interest in that solution. If you have questions about what data it requires access to or how it works, include those questions when you contact them. 

And if you ever decide the app isn't right for your organization, an admin can quickly disconnect it. All permissions are then revoked!

Posted by Lindsey Rix on Jun 25, 2020 3:24 PM America/New_York

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  • Posted Fri 26 Jun 2020 02:01 PM EDT