RENXT Basic Events is now available to all RENXT customers! 7211

RENXT Basic Events is now available to all RENXT customers!


In today’s pandemic world, you – our customers – continue to adapt to changing circumstances. Events look differently than they did last year. Some are virtual or limited in numbers with required social distancing practices. The good news is that we are continuing to see event programs used to engage new and existing constituents, raise funds and generate awareness while sharing missions and sustaining organizations.  

To ensure RENXT customers can quickly and easily manage event participants and see valuable information from a donor's record, we are excited to announce starting today, all Raiser’s Edge NXT customers will have access to the Basic Events module in WebView. We understand the struggle that organizations are dealing with, throughout this pandemic, and want to assure you that Blackbaud values your goals as we help support your efforts with this change. 


What is RENXT Basic Events?  

With RENXT Basic Events, you can: 

  • Add events and manage details about them, such as when they take place 

  • Add and manage participants and their guests 

  • Mark attendance 

  • Set prices and accept cash, check and credit card payments 

  • For US customers, accept online registrations for one-time single ticket events 

  • Track custom information about participants, such as meal preferences 

  • Filter a list of participants to take action, such as sending an email or exporting 


What kind of events can I manage with RENXT Basic Events?  

The Basic Events module offered in RENXT is targeted towards standard events, such as: 

  • Free events or activities where you want to capture RSVP responses and facilitate event check-in. This would be appropriate for virtual/in-person meetings or networking events. 

  • Events with registration fees (each fee or ticket is equal to one person’s attendance). This would be appropriate for smaller fundraising events when sponsorships or seating isn't required. 

My events are more complex than this, can I still use RENXT Events? 

Yes! RENXT Advanced Events is available at an additional cost. This will allow you access a secondary events module.  The following advanced features are available in Database View for customers with Event Management: 

  • Sponsor/sponsorship tracking 

  • Table and seat assignments 

  • Expense management 

  • Add event payments in batch 

  • Query on event information 

  • Report across events 

If you host events such as golf tournaments, galas, series/recurring events or multi-day events, your organization will be better suited for RENXT Advanced Events that includes Database View as well as WebView. But not to worry, as we mentioned above, you can still use RENXT Basic Events to manage and track participant status (if that’s the functionality that your organization requires).  

For more information on event features available in Database View (included with RENXT Advanced Events), please refer to our product documentation. 

I already have Events Management; how does this affect me?  
Customers who already have Events Management as part of their RENXT package will see no change. You still have access to RENXT Advanced Events and will be able to access all event functionality through RENXT (Database View and WebView).  

How can I learn more about this Basic Events?  

If you have a Learn More subscription you have access to a Blackbaud Raisers’s Edge NXT: EVENTS 90 minute course that covers what’s available within Basic Events.  

There will also be a RENXT Basic Events Webinar on November 10, 2020. Click here to sign up.  


Events are on the rise and we can't wait to see what our customers do with this additional functionality. Good luck with your virtual and in-person events! 

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I am incredibly disappointed in BB for failing to build out RE NXT Events as a full and robust tool without requiring an add-on subscription. I have had to spend time actively advocating to upper management and legal to << k e e p >> BB-RE and NXT after the data breach handling (fiasco) and this seems like a slap. Bad decision.