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While The Builders Are Building

I love the new tiny houses that are popping up! Have you seen any? They’re small homes, typically less than 500 square feet, that afford a simplified lifestyle in a smaller, more efficient space. Last year, my neighbors built a tiny house on their new land and lived in it while their full-sized home was being constructed. The tiny home fit their needs perfectly that year, but their new house is really everything they wanted in a home—and was well worth the wait!12229ac4a7a146992190235402dfe50d-huge-ha

We’re in a similar situation with our Raiser’s Edge NXT development. We’re building out the Web View functionality. Until all the functionality is available in the Web View, we can use the Database View for a variety of tasks. So, there’s a bit of moving between two views for now, but the end result will be worth the wait!

There’s plenty of fabulous cloud-based functionality in the current Web View. You can edit constituent records, create and view lists, and operate in the Work Center and Analyze. And after the next phase of “construction,” you’ll also be able to build dashboard reports in the Web View.

There are many more blueprints in the works for the Web View, such as adding constituent and gift records and generating communications.

Meantime, you can learn how to perform a variety of tasks in the Database View via a Blackbaud University class. If you’re new to Raiser’s Edge NXT, I encourage you to take a Database View product “tour” in our Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals—Overview course, or delve into constituent records in our Raiser’s Edge: Fundamentals—Constituents 1 course.

And remember—our “builders” are hard at work on the Web View “architecture,” so check in regularly to see what new goodies have been added! 

Posted by Melissa Rancour on Jul 5, 2017 5:30 PM America/New_York