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Editing Payment- Made Easy

Whether a payment was entered wrong or a patron decided to change the fund they want their gift applied to, there is one answer, we need to edit the payment.  Being able to edit a payment will be a handy tool to manage your donations, as well as recurring gift, and pledges. below I’ll cover some of the most common issues that come up when we need to edit payments.  And then I would bold each issue.

Gift should have been applied to a pledge
You receive a check from a loyal donor and right away go and add the donation, later the donor decides they want that payment applied towards a total of a pledge. No problem!  You can take that payment and change the application.
  1. From the revenue find the donation that needs to be edited
  2. Click the hyper link to get to the payment record
  3. Click edit payment

You can also do the same with a payment that has been posted to the general ledger, you will click edit posted Payment.

  1.   Highlight the current application
  2. Click remove
  3. Now click the find commitment button
  4. You will not be able to search for that pledge record
  1. You can now apply the payment towards the pledge balance or next installment
  2. You are then able to save the payment so that it will apply to the pledge
Manually mark revenue as acknowledged- If you are sending out an acknowledgement letter outside of Altru and do not want that same payment to pull into the acknowledgment process you can change the acknowledgment status of that payment.
  • From the taskbar on the payment record click  mark Acknowledged
  • Select the constituent to acknowledge
  • Select Acknowledge date
  • Click save 
Delete a Payment- You may have a payment that was added by mistake. You can select to delete those and issue a refund for the credit card. 
  1. Click Delete Payment from the Tasks menu to the left
If it is credit card transaction, you will get the options to refund the card. To refund click yes.

For more information about editing payments check out our knowledge base solutions 
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Posted by Gwendolyn Wolfe on May 11, 2018 11:23 AM America/New_York