Celebrating Our March Certified Users 7590

Celebrating Our March Certified Users

Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our Blackbaud Altru users who became Blackbaud Certified in March!

To all our Blackbaud Altru Certified professionals, let me be the first to say a well-earned and heartfelt congratulations! REMEMBER to show off your certification on your LinkedIn profile!

Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on this significant achievement.

Banner, Mya

Barber, Katy
Bennett, Carol
Bierman-Clinton, Katey
Bolinger, Becke
Carman, Jennifer
Chaleunsouk, Cassidy
Ciofini, Giulia
Colindres, Gabrielle
Dearing, Alice
Dickmeyer, Louise
Duran, Kristine
Fischer, Brianna
Flynn, Tammi
Hart, Rebecca
Howard, Amanda
II, Michael
Katseanes, Sunny
Kern, Sammi
Kring, Wesley
Krouse, Katie
Lewis, Conchetta
Mavrova, Radka
McClung, Sandra
McNamara, Sara
Miller, Samrat
Mirocha, Amy
Nelson, Anne
O'Nail, Dillon
Orara, Jose
Pigg, Karen
Pitzer, Amy
Platz, Audra
Rader, Jackie
Ricci, Joe
Rohl, Kimberly
Rubio, Iliana
Schmid, Laura
Sherwin, Heather
Speer, Hannah
Stewart, Pat
Strawn, Tim
Tison, Melinda
Tobias, Carolyn
Vanice, Tyler
Vartian, Carol
Vassilakidis, Pat
Vu, Paulina
Waldman, Susannah
Weyrich, Andria
Wilhelm, Heather
Wurf, Sabrina
Yazel, Faith

Congratulations to each of you on this amazing accomplishment. Interested in joining the list? Click here to learn how you can become Blackbaud Altru Fundamentals certified today!
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