Celebrating Our May Certified Users 7708

Celebrating Our May Certified Users

Blackbaud University is excited to celebrate our Blackbaud Altru users who became Blackbaud Certified in May!

To all our Blackbaud Altru Certified professionals, let me be the first to say a well-earned and heartfelt congratulations! REMEMBER to show off your certification on your LinkedIn profile!

Be sure to review our listing and celebrate your colleagues by viewing their profiles, becoming Blackbaud Community friends, or just congratulating them on this significant achievement.

Ables, Jenna

Bateman, Samantha
Beargie, Christina
Cervantes, Claudia
Driml, Marissa
Foster, Abbey
Graham, Briana
Green, Alyssa
Halad, Laura
Hogan, Patrick
Horick, Ron
Intern, Event
Jarvis, Molly
Jennings, Stephanie
Keen, Kelly
Lewis, Michael
Linguist, Lance
Madden-Fulk, Julia
Marks, Karen
Nelligan, Juliana
Olson, Brooke
Peterson, Kayla
Rimensnyder, Susan
Rozier, Shelley
Ruiz, Jocelyn
Shuman, Patricia
Tabit, Nicole
Trainer, Beth
Weatherspoon, Heidi
Williams, Kaitlin

Congratulations to each of you on this amazing accomplishment. Interested in joining the list? Click here to learn how you can become Blackbaud Altru Fundamentals certified today!
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