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Updated Look And Feel For The Blackbaud Tuition Management Parent Site!


We wanted to share some exciting news about major updates launching this quarter for all schools using Blackbaud Tuition Management! The new Parent site updates the old Smart Tuition Branding while also improving on the parent experience with the Blackbaud Tuition Management product.

As you’ve likely heard, we’ve been hard at work updating the branding within the Tuition Management system and have taken this opportunity to create a cleaner, more streamlined portal for parents. Along with the new URLs and email addresses, you’ll notice the portal and invoices will have a fresh look that takes our users’ feedback into account and makes for an improved experience that matches what they’re used to seeing with all their Blackbaud products.

Additionally, all payers' names will now appear on invoices, and past-due amounts are more prevalent and clearly identified. Payers will have the ability to stop or resume automatic debits right through the site without having to contact support or the school. Below you’ll see a preview of the new parent site. Additionally, you can find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions here.

For starters, here is how the new login screen will look:


The Welcome screen makes it easy for parents to know what they owe and what to act on:


The new Profile view organizes parent information so it’s easy to see and update:


Here is an example of a past-due invoice showing both payers’ names:


Here's a brief visual overview of the changes:

Look for more updates in the coming weeks as we roll out this major update to Tuition Management users. Let us know what you think in the comments below. As always, thank you for your feedback.
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