Blackbaud's Education Management Solutions YouTube Channel Grows! 8726

Blackbaud's Education Management Solutions YouTube Channel Grows!


We have an exciting update to share for those of you who prefer to learn through videos. New overviews have been added to our education management solutions playlists!

We all learn differently, which is why we offer many different ways to find out online help. If you’re a reader, we have these blogs as well as our help center documentation. However, if you’re like me, you’re more of a visual learner, someone who enjoys seeing something done to really get an understanding.

Thankfully, that very reason is why we offer video help as well, specifically through our Blackbaud Support YouTube channel. In case you don’t know, our YouTube channel features all kinds of video content ranging from guides, new feature introductions, and even high-level overviews of various topics. While all of Blackbaud’s products are featured in here, we do have a handy playlist for our education management solutions if that’s all you’re looking for.

With housekeeping all taken care of, let’s get to the big news for this week. We have a couple new videos available over on our channel!

Event Management
Last month, the Enrollment management team introduced a completely new and modern event registration experience for admissions managers. There’s a lot to this newly added feature which we’ve detailed in both a blog here in the community as well as our online help.

However, I wanted to give everyone a look at the new features (a picture is worth 1000 words, right?) so here is a high-level overview of the new Event management experience.

Self Scheduling
Although Admissions scheduling isn’t new, there are some who may not be super familiar with one of its most important features: being able to self-schedule visits, interviews, and other admissions related activities.

While you can certainly read all about it from our online help, we’ve gone ahead and created another high-level overview of how it works.

We hope you find these videos valuable and believe me, we have more coming so keep checking back. In fact, we've recently uploaded a new video regarding our upcoming Role changes in Core. Check it out!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you dear reader. Are there any topics, questions, or features that you want to know more about and potentially covered in a future video? Feel free to post your ideas down below in the comments.

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