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What’s New (July 12, 2017)

This release of Financial Edge NXT includes additional print format options for check printing. As you set up and format your checks to print, you can now select "Print transaction detail sheet," or "Total per check printing," under Print format.

For Transaction detail sheets, you can select to have all transactions appear on the detail sheet, regardless of the number of transactions paid by the check, or you can select to have the transactions print on the check stub, with any additional transactions on the detail sheet.

Note: The number of transactions that will fit on the check stub depends on the payment format. Single stub formats can fit 35 transactions. Double stub blank paper can fit 11 transactions, and double stub pre-printed can fit 15 transactions before creating additional checks.

When you select "Total per check printing," the transactions print on the check stub and the check is printed for that amount. If a vendor has too many transactions to fit on the check stub, additional checks will be created based on the number of remaining transactions. For more information, see Format Check Settings.

Early Adopter Programs (EAP)
Credit card management and SKY Reporting – Transaction amounts and grants are available only in our Early Adopters Program (EAP). Throughout the EAP, we will continue to enhance and improve these features in preparation for general availability in an upcoming release. 

With this release, we made the following enhancements to credit card management:
  • You can now view the Online balance of a credit card account from the credit card account register. The Online balance displays beneath the Register balance above the credit card account register. You can refresh this balance at any time.
  • You can now delete any subsidiary card of a credit card account linked to Yodlee. Keep in mind, you can delete subsidiary cards only if there are no recorded transactions associated with the account.
We also made enhancement to  Sky Reporting – Transaction amounts and grants, including new measures and attributes to help you further track transaction amounts and grants. You can now include the following new measures to help you further analyze transaction amount information:
  • Transaction amount (income statement balance) – Displays the transaction’s total amount where credits are positive and debits are negative.
  • Transaction amount (natural balance) – Displays the transaction’s total amount as positive or negative based on the natural balance of the account.
Note: These new measures replace the previous Transaction amount measure.

Grants provide a way to record and track money awarded to your organization by a government agency or private institution for a specific purpose. You can now include the following new measure and attributes to help you analyze grant-related details:
  • Grant amount (measure) – Displays the grant’s total amount.
  • Grant ID (attribute) – Identifies the grant’s record in the database.
  • Grant description (attribute) – Provides the full description used to identify the grant.
  • Grant type (attribute) – Offers a deeper description of the grant based on its category.
  • Grant status (attribute) – Displays further details of the grant, such as applied, open, or closed.
To catch up on what we’ve recently released, check out the What’s Recent help topic.
Posted by Justin Ward on Jul 14, 2017 10:27 AM America/New_York

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