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Jennifer Kay
We are looking to enhance our security and wondered if any FENXT users have done a Role Matrix exercise designed to ...
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Lindsey Palazzi
If I have invoices that need to hit my GL in May but I do not receive them until June, I know I can have my invoice detail ...
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Hi Lindsey,

you can. When setting up the check run for that invoice(s), use the payment date of Specific Date. This ...

Chris  Felinski
Is there a way in Financial Edge to create an report that we can setup permissions to that a single user can have ...
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If there is a way to do this, I haven't found out how yet. I would LOVE a way to create a report for a specific user to run. ...

David Hazeltine
Hello FENXT users! I'm excited to tell you there is a new webinar coming up this week. Join Aaron Charpia and ...
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Accounts Payable
Hi, my coworker in Accounts Receivable is looking for a report or query that functions similarly to an audit trail ...
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Deb Foos
We have been waiting (literally) years for the AR module to be rolled out. Has anyone heard anything about an ETA for ...
Deb Foos 28d
Caitlin Cowley
I used to be able to edit and/or attach additional documentation to an invoice once it was approved. For instance I ...
Caitlin Cowley Mar '22
David Dover
Is anyone else having issues with credit card feeds refreshing? I just did a successful refresh and it shows ...
David Dover Mar '22
David Hughes
Does anyone know how to set a default Fund in Expense Management? I want to be able to limit users choosing the wrong ...
David Hughes Mar '22
Emily Tompkins
BB made a workaround (for security reasons) for exporting queries in database view. Now we must save the query to ...
Emily Tompkins Mar '22
Patrick Lunn
So, I noticed something today - I am trying to bring it up to the customer support team but they seem slammed at the ...
Patrick Lunn Mar '22
Ferdie Alayon
NXT Treasury - Process Payments When selecting invoices to pay, they are listed by vendor/payee name. When we ...
Ferdie Alayon Mar '22
Kelsey Emerick
My organization is very interest in using Dashboards for our Board Meetings and for possibly creating material to ...
Kelsey Emerick Feb '22
Lindsey Palazzi
When I dispose of an asset, do I leave the disposal date that it puts in there for me- even if says 2003?
Lindsey Palazzi Jan '22
Jon Neal
Is there a report that can show me all activity in a Project? The Invoice expense allocation report is the closest ...
Jon Neal Jan '22

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