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Dan HoutReilly
BB buried the lead in the 5/15/24 “What's new"! I can now print a journal entry batch report from NXT from the journal ...
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Patrick Lunn
This may be a dumb question, but how does one close a fiscal year now? There is a knowledge base article, but it does ...
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@Patrick Lunn
you're not. I belive hard closing a FY was removed from DB view. It has not yet been added to webview. ...

Catherine Bell
Has anyone had issues printing checks in NXT? I just tried and since FE has set the margins to 0, the edges are getting ...
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@Catherine Bell
I have seen that on one occasion. It technically shouldn't be happening. As a work around when ...

Mandy Doherty
Can I please get feedback on a good inventory module to use with FE NXT. I have heard of Smart PO and Counterpoint. ...
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Mark Sullivan
I have clients that strongly prefer this interface and want to be easily add multiple invoices.
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