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Robin Waldinger
Let's talk leases! Is anyone working in or considering a lease accounting software to help with the ...
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Lisa BlumeHartwell
I have an investment bank account where the unrealized gains and losses are recorded in a separate asset account ...
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Elizabeth Bjork
We have a project summary report that lists detail for every project returned from a query. One of the projects in ...
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Hi Elizabeth. When you are creating the report, you should have a tab called “Filters”. Here there will be a section ...

Jennifer Johnson
Does anyone use budget software in addition to budgets in FE? I am currently using about 10 spreadsheets that all ...
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We've been with Power Plan - A Quesitca company - that works wonderfully with FENXT - they are a 3rd Party Vendor that ...
Reuben Ellis
Hello, Does anyone know how to change the default export of query data in an Excel version higher than 3.0? Thanks.
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Reuben Ellis:


Does anyone know how to change the default export of query data in an Excel version higher than ...

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Art Davila
Is there a way to pull a GL report that contains the Expense Detail/Purpose or Description instead of only the ...
Tanya Ferguson
I just tried to create a new liability account, and I am unable to do so. I seem to be missing two of the report ...
Matt Piechota
We're just setting up Credit Card feeds in FE NXT. The webinar said to pick a liability account other than the A/P ...
Matt Piechota Sep '21
Renae Montegut
Is it possible to set a requirement for a journal entry to balance by fund AND project id?
Renae Montegut Aug '21
Patricia  Hoesl
We are relatively new to Financial Edge NXT. I have posted a charge and now am attempting to post the payment. When I ...
Patricia Hoesl Aug '21
Sara Massey
Do any, some, none, it depends reports include unposted transactions? In some standard reports I'm looking at in ...
Sara Massey Aug '21
Joe Gilmore
Hello, For some reason my trial balance does not match the PL. somehow accounts do not properly rollup to the PL. ...
Joe Gilmore Aug '21
Karen Stocking
Is there a way to run an AP Aging Report in FENXT?
Karen Stocking Aug '21
Lisa Marschewski
Is there a way to see submitted Invoice Requests that have not been approved in FE NXT?
Jill Lesmerises
On Friday, we switched to FE NXT in the cloud. Today, when someone tries to download to excel from the database view, ...
Jill Lesmerises Aug '21