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Multi-Tools Are Multi-Cool

I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist, but I am certainly someone who does not enjoy clutter. However, I do have a large collection of stationery tools—pencils, markers, pens, and many, many notebooks. I own more fountain pen ink than I could use in three lifetimes. I know I should stop, but I don’t think I can stop anytime soon. And who would want to? Especially with all the cool things you can do with these tools!

As my collection has increased, I’ve started to invent new reasons to use them. For instance, I’ve dedicated certain pen and notebook combinations to only be used for certain tasks. You haven’t lived until you’ve spent an afternoon deciding on the right pen/notebook for a gardening journal. Because after all, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Knowing which notebook and pen to use for a particular situation is not unlike the payment situation with your vendors. Depending on the vendor, you might need to issue a different form of payment. However, if you don’t know which sort of payment tools you have at your disposal, how will you know which to choose?

We want to help you expand your collection of vendor payments with our new 90-minute Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT course, Advanced Payment Processing. Come and learn to efficiently record manual checks and bank drafts, set up electronic funds transfers (EFTs), and explore the basics of expense management.

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