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Step Up to the Plate

During my college years, I played in a slow-pitch softball league. It was a lot of fun and really the only form of physical activity I had to shed the Freshman Fifteen (or Forty). I typically played the outfield, which meant I got a lot of cardio chasing after the balls that were hit over my head.

But I didn’t just play the outfield. Depending on the availability of my teammates, sometimes I’d need to play a different position. This meant that even though 90% of the time I was chasing fly balls, I still had to be ready to jump into the infield and deal with those hard-hit grounders. So I always made it a point at practices to play a little of every position.

Adaptability can be a big benefit in slow-pitch softball—as well as for reporting in Financial Edge NXT. If you really drill into what you might possibly report on, and build specific chart organizers to fit those potential needs, you’ll be able to react to any curveballs thrown your way.

Come learn how you can get the most out of your chart organizers with the 90-minute Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT course, Advanced Chart Organizers
. You’ll get a quick recap of the reporting flow in Financial Edge NXT, and prepare to step up to the plate with a chart organizer that is ready for the big leagues.

This course is included in your Learn More and Learn Everything training subscriptions. Not a subscriber? Find out how a Blackbaud Learn® subscription can help develop your efficiency and ongoing skills.

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