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"Help Me, Help You"

  When you the hear the phrase, “Help Me, Help You”, you may be like me and think instantly of the 1996 classic, Jerry Maguire. Or you may have read the last sentence and asked, why are we discussing a movie that is 23 years old (Good Question)? While I wouldn’t mind writing a blog post about my favorite quotes from the movie or discussing how amazing Academy Award Winner, Cuba Gooding Jr. was in the film, I think we need to get back to how you can “Help Me, Help You”. But first, let’s share an update.

  Blackbaud just released a new On-Demand Webinar that describes “How to Leverage Customer Success at Blackbaud”.  There is a wonderful rundown on how you will interact and partner with Customer Success. We also give you a breakdown on resources available for you to use.

  Now, we need your help. In fact…”Help Me, Help You”.  We have a ton of content and subject ideas to deliver; however, we want to hear from you. Please take a moment to review the questions below and reach out to us at or comment within this blog post. We want to know how we can best serve you and the rest of the eTapestry customer base.
  1. What would you love to learn more about within eTapestry? What would be a great subject to discuss with other  eTapestry customers?
  2. Are you having great success with a specific feature/module in eTapestry, maybe the Data Health Scorecard’s Wealth Rating? If so, let us know, especially if there are specific modules/tools within eTap that have had an impact on your fundraising.
  3. Are you using eTapestry in a unique way to have it meet your vertical/organizational needs? Maybe you’re an Animal Welfare group and you’re tracking adopted pets? You’re a school and you’re doing something interesting with Alumni Relations? Maybe you track Child Sponsorships in a unique way? If so, or any other of these types of examples, we’d love to hear from you and have you share your story with other organizations who may benefit.
We look forward to connecting in the future and to help “Power Your Mission To Do A World Of Good”.

“Your Ambassador of Quan”,    

Jeremy and the Customer Success Team
Posted by Jeremy Vanscoy on May 3, 2019 9:40 AM America/New_York

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