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Blackbaud ETapestry® Fundamentals Certification

Blackbaud University offers certified learning opportunities that recognize student achievement and help validate product knowledge. We provide these development opportunities to reflect our students’ commitment to excellence. If you’re ready to prove what you know, get Blackbaud Certified®.

Great news—Blackbaud University 2023 Certification is available now!

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Ready to prove your Blackbaud eTapestry product knowledge? Start the process to become Blackbaud Fundamentals certified in Blackbaud eTapestry. The recommended steps to achieve product-specific certification is to complete the series of courses in the Fundamentals Learning Path, and then take the Blackbaud eTapestry Fundamentals Exam.

If you have previously taken the Fundamentals courses, or feel you have the necessary product skills and knowledge, you may proceed to the exam. Students who pass with an 80% score or better are Fundamentals certified.
Fundamentals certification is a great milestone for every Blackbaud eTapestry user.
To proceed to the exam, visit the eTapestry Course Catalog page, and click GET CERTIFIED at the bottom of the page.

Fundamentals Exam recommended courses are listed under the Fundamentals Learning Path on BlackbaudU Campus.
  • Fundamentals: Accounts
  • Fundamentals: Journals
  • Fundamentals: Queries and Reports
  • Fundamentals: Communications
Bonus: The Blackbaud eTapestry Fundamentals certification exam is free to all users. All recommended courses are included in Blackbaud University’s Blackbaud eTapestry Learn More and Learn Everything training subscriptions!

When you achieve accreditation, you join a savvy community of professionals who are Blackbaud experts, and you attain credentials recognized as the industry standard. Blackbaud Certification validates your credentials, enhances your resume, and helps advance your career.

Bonus: When you pass your certification exam, you’ll receive a certificate and will be able to start promoting your Certified designation. You will also receive an email from Blackbaud with a link to download the certification seal to share on social media pages, and a small digital icon to use on your business cards, resume, and email signature. You can even promote your certification status on your LinkedIn and Blackbaud Community profiles!

No Expiration
Every certification identifies the year it was achieved. There is no expiration on a certification, but the year gives context to when the title was achieved. We encourage students to periodically renew certification in order to reflect updates in the product platforms.

No Course Requirement
We want you to pass your certification examination and become Blackbaud Certified®; we therefore recommend specific courses be taken before attempting certification. However, if you feel you possess skills and knowledge strong enough to pass an exam, we encourage you to take the exam without taking the recommended courses.
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